Your broke! You have nothing! What should you do?

No money and your flat out broke with nothing??

What do you do when your broke?

You learn skills.

Skills that will help you make money. When you’ve taken you time to learn skills, they cant be taken away from you.

  • No government can take them
  • You cant lend them out to your friends who never pay you back
  • They cant be lost and you spend hours trying to get them back.

Your broke! You have nothing! What should you do?

Its you and one of the most valuable things you can have.


The People You Meet Online

As I have been working online for around 4 years now, I have made so many new friends who are a lot richer than my old friends.

But they spend less money than my old friends – Crazy I know!

You would think the more money you have, the more you would spend on yourself.


The interesting thing to me is, people with money wont spend it on a fancy new car, they figure out a way to make they money first, or make the instalments on that car.

Where eventually that car will cost them nothing.


Before I would save my money up and then treat myself to maybe a snowboarding holiday costing a £1500.

That £1500 would be gone in a week. Now I try to figure out a way for the money I have to make the amount of money I want to spend.

This could be with a number of things

  • Investment opportunities
  • Creating a course
  • Running a promotion for a particular product


They’re a number of options you have once you start looking.


Even with flipping stuff.

I have flip motorbikes. Motorbikes is something I enjoy and have some skills in.

I can buy a bike and flip it for a profit. Do this a few times and you can make a quick grand easy.


I admit you have to do a bit of research in order to make sure you can make money, but as I always say

Fail to plan – Plan to fail.


There is another advantage to doing something like this……


Lets say you see this and give it a go. Flip a few items

  • Phones
  • Bikes
  • Cars
  • Cameras



You can guarantee that there are other people out there who haven’t got an idea where to start with flipping items.

  • Where to advertise
  • How to advertise

Keyword research to get the most reach from your advert!


So you can create a course on how you did it. If you can flip products and make money – it’s a business.


A business that anyone can do. If you created a collection of videos. Explaining how you find that item and how you know it going to make a profit – people will wanna know!


That course can be sold for maybe $100 all over the world, then there’s another stream of income right there.


So from one small idea come a number of opportunities to which direction you want to go.


You could of course spend the money you have on a lottery ticket and hope that your numbers come in. Dream are not built on hope.

They are build on actions you take in order to make those dreams come true.


Once you get into the habit of making money, the best thing to do is invest that money to make it grow.

Don’t spend it on crazy fancy cars of gold watches to look good in front of everyone else.

That day will come in the future.


So many people in the world have bad money management where they buy something that they know will be worth a lot less over time.


I know so many people who have a fancy sports car but eat beans for dinner every night.


It used to be something I wanted too, but wasn’t prepared to get myself in debt over, plus I couldn’t eat beans every night.


Getting into this way of thinking doesn’t happen over night, its hard to break the old habit that  your used to.


Trust me, I still have a number of bad habits I know I should quit, I just don’t have a reason to at the moment.


So the conclusion to all this is learn new skills. If your broke you need to do something about it.

That something should be something that stops you being broke ever again.


Check out the Break The Chains Podcast for more ideas on how to never be broke.

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