Working Online – What Are The Benefits?

Why Work Online what Are The Benefits Compared To A 9 TO 5?


There is noting wrong with a 9 to 5 job, It’s a way of earning money just like working online.

But if you have the drive and ambition to want more out of life and are willing to do something about it – Being an entrepreneur is the route to go.


What Does The Future Hold?

All modern business in the current economy use the online space to market their business.

If they don’t – they are missing out on so much business.

  • Blockbusters – replaced by Netflix
  • Taxis replaced by Uber


The old system where you work for an hourly wage is fading away.

  • With price work
  • Price per project
  • Price per job

This way a company can budget for a project a lot easier.

Working Online - What Are The Benefits?

At What Age Cab You Work?

In the working online world there is no age limit to when you start and build a business.

So many young kids are doing it and earning more than I used a year in a week or even a day.


So you can see why the online space is becoming so popular more and more every day.


Think about it……

For a 100k a year job you will need to study for a least 5 years or more.

  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Teacher

These jobs require you to trade your time for money. The more qualified you are at that job the more a company is prepared to pay.

There are people who are all sorts of ages making that amount of money after a couple of years online.

Without the stress and responsibility too!


A doctor will have to keep turning up and seeing patients to continue to earn that 100k a year. If they decide to take some time off for stress, the money will stop too.


But if you build something online.

Its evergreen and can continue to make 100k a year on auto – without you having to be there.


With – Video, podcast, blogs, training etc. They will be available on the internet forever. If you create some training. That content will be available online for the whole wide world to see forever.


As an electrician you get paid once for the work. You maybe take a few weeks to complete a job of a rewire on a domestic house.

You get paid once and that’s it. If you want to earn more you have to do it all over again.

Having a training, or a video you can be paid over and over again for as long as you wish.




Branding Yourself Working Online


Not Nike or coca cola.

I mean making a name for yourself in your chosen market.


Like I had to do with being an electrician. The more work I did, the better my name was talked about and the more work I had.


So with anything online you need to document what your doing and where you started. Just like I have done with the Break The Chains Podcast.


Putting on you Facebook banner “I help affiliate marketers make 10k a month” when you bought a course for 5k yesterday doesn’t work.


It can for a quick win – but over time its not building a foundation for a business.


The whole point of my podcast is to document the steps I took and am taking to build an online brand or business.

Mistakes and all.


If you have a background of the struggles or the challenges you went through and how you overcome them – you become so much more relatable than, I make 10k a month – do you want to do the same.


Enjoy What Your Doing Working Online 

I have interviewed over 80 people online now who are building a business.


Some of those people have unfortunately disappeared and are nowhere to be found.

I believe its because they were in it for the quick win.


Having being sold the dream from a guru online of making money online and becoming your own boss.


It didn’t work out as they first thought and they threw in the towel.

Things take time and don’t just happen over night.


You can become a doctor over night, its takes time to learn the skills.


Having an online career is just the same. You need to learn new skills with

  • Traffic
  • Capturing someone attention
  • Following up to see if there a good fit for what you have to offer
  • Then make a unique offer that can help them.


It is a simple 4 step process to stick to and master each skill a little more each day.


Just like in any job – you will get better and better as time goes on.

To find out more on how to start and grow your own business online, with detailed 4 step process, Grab a COPY OF THIS BOOK.

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