Why 9to5 Jobs Suck

Working a 9to5 work week.


9to5 Job, Its what we are all programmed to do, what we have been taught:

  • In schools
  • By our parents

Also seen everyone else do to earn a living.


Its been built into us so deep that so many people, including myself never even question if there is another way to make money.

A way that your not tied down to working 8 hours a day or even more in a lot of situations.


An option where you don’t have to dread waking up Monday morning and going into work to do the same 9to5 job you have done for the last 10 years.


Same shit different day!


This is just how I felt when I was working as an electrician fulltime for over 20 years.


Until I went looking for another option. They do say seek and ye shall find.

Well I found out there are 1000s of other options.


Everyone Is Becoming Wise To 9to5 Jobs

Lately all over the world I see so many people taking a step back from being involved in the common system of working a job.


Where people used to value the position they were in and have worked up to in a career. I think that they have taken a step back and looked at what’s important in their life.


Where a busy business man would be working 12 hours a day to provide for his family and give them everything they ever wanted, but the only thing he couldn’t give then was himself.


For the reason is that it came as a cost.

Why 9to5 Jobs Suck


If he was to be home more often and spend more time around his family, he would suffer fanatically.


Then assume that his wife would want to be with him with out the louis Louis Vuitton hand bag, the kids would hate him because dad didn’t buy them the latest phone.


Is that a life you want to lead, buying the love of your family for material things?

I think that was maybe in the position I was in.


As an electrician I earnt good money.


  • Bought a 4×4 Audi Q7
  • Diamond earrings for the Mrs.
  • Latest phones for the girls
  • Brand new x box for the lad

I will admit, I bought everything that made my family smile and love me more.


When myself I was desperately looking for a way out.

A way to earn more money so I could take the dog for a long walk across the fields in the daylight with out having 101 things on my mind to do when I got home.


These days all the Christmas presents are clothes or money. These things mean nothing.


The best thing about Christmas for me is the family dinner and getting to talk to everyone and see how they are, then of course sitting down and having a game of monopoly which everyone things I cheat at!


I don’t – I just buy everything as soon as I can. Great lessons to be learnt with that game around money.


Every single day is the same. You have 24 hours.


What is important to you, you not going to live forever! Find out what makes you want to get up in the morning, what makes you excited.


Then do more of that!

Have a goal in mind that if you like fishing, you plan to make more time to go fishing.


Figure out how much money you need to survive and be able to play golf one day a week.


STOP aiming to have as much money as possible with the goal in mind that you will go fishing when you get there.


What if you never get there? Will you die trying and live with regrets?

Or lets say you do financially well and reach your goal.


Retire at the age of 67 with a shit load of money!?


But unfortunately, your health isn’t good so the plans you had when you retire have to change.


You watch the golf on the TV instead of actually being there and taking part yourself.


I will say it again! You have one life here on this planet – make the most of it.


The 12 hours a day you have been working for the past 20 years to buy all the stuff you have means nothing!


You may have the money to buy all the great equipment you need to do the things you always wanted – but your body is too old now.


What would you rather people say at your funeral?

Ben had a lovely motorbike in his garage


Ben toured the whole of the UK on that bike and saw some amazing places.


I know which one that make me happy, and just owning a good looking motorbike isn’t enough for me.


I want to use it too.


Avoid A 9to5 Job With a Gap Year

In the UK and a lot of other countries there’s such a thing as a gap year.

I don’t think its common in the US.


A gap year is where someone leaves high school and decides to do something completely different for a year.


Before they start collage.

They give themselves a year to maybe see the world and make new friends.


Having traveled a lot when I was 19 years old, I would say it was one of the best things I ever did.


Just experiencing different cultures and opening up my eyes to the whole wide world in real life.

Not just what you see on the internet or tv.


Trying to communicate with people in Japan, tasting different food in Hong Kong and swapping basketball shirts for baseball caps in Guatemala.


Memories that money cant buy.


When you employed or working for a company, they don’t want to do better. If you do work hard, save your holidays to be able to take them all at once, you can be sure they will find a way to stop that.


I was subcontracting for an electrical business in my local town.


I was offered price work. They told me how may lights that wanted changing and how much I would get for each one.


So for 2 weeks I worked 12 hour days and completed the whole factory of lights.


I think the whole job was planned for 5 weeks. I had to have a machine over the work areas that had to be shut off.

The electrics to the lights had to be turned off too, so really that factory was unable to function whiles I was working there.


From a 5 week plan to 2 weeks you would have thought that both companies would have been happy.


NO – I was called into the office and told to slow down.


Make the jobs last longer. I was earning too much a week compared to the other teams.


That contract phased out. Once they took price work away, there was a lot of hanging around on side doing nothing – I hate that!


That’s the 9to5, 40 hour work week lifestyle for you!

If your good at what you do, your told to slow down.


Then if your given too much to do, your stressed out or work extra hours to keep that boss happy.


Why the hell does 80% of the population choose that path?


Well if your like me and also choose that path when you were young, its not set in stone!


At the age of 36 ish, I started to look into opportunity’s to change my situation.


Although there have been many hurdles I had to overcome and I’m still jumping now, there is one place I started.


How Can I Escape My 9to5 Job?

I invested 2 hours of my life listening to an audio book.

A book of a person that was where I wanted to be. A story of how he got there and the steps he took.


Along the way I have carved out my own path, but knowing the foundations of what I needed to do was critical.


If you check out the same book I read HERE, see if 2 hours can help you break the chains to your 9to5 job.


quit your 9to5 job

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