What is the EMC (Entrepreneurs Marketing Conference) Marketing Event

You Want To Better Your life.

We all understand that the people you surround yourselves with influence you in your life.


So if you spend your time in the pub – you WILL become a drunk sooner or later.


So you look for ways to better yourself.


Maybe you find an event near you that promises to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, so why not? You check it out!



It turns out to be a complete waste of time.?


This has happened to me a few times.


However I haven’t given up on attending a proper event where I can learn from entrepreneurs.

I have discovered one in London.


The EMC 2022 London

I plan to learn from the 24 speakers that are at the event.


This seems silly to keep it all to myself too. I don’t plan to.

I plan to share it all with you. Everything learnt at the event.


All you need to do is be in the Break The Chains Group, which is completely free.


I will be going live every evening after the EMC to tell everyone what I learnt and answer any questions.


What are you waiting for? Get in there now and learn from 24 amazing entrepreneurs who will be downloading their knowledge on me, so I can give it to you.

Break the chains community


Don’t forget to say hi when your on the inside.

The EMC 2022

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