What is DotCom Secrets – By Russell Brunson 2020

I would like to tell you What is What is DotCom Secrets – By Russell Brunson 2020 and when giving the book a read, What to expect.

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When DotComSecrets Was Written?

DotCom Secrets was published back in 2015(updated in February 2018), although its a while ago Russell Brunson strategies he talks about in the book still work to this day.

If you are trying to start a business online you will soon find that there is an art to it.

You will find that there is a lot to learn in order to become a success.

This is where DotCom Secrets: The underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online comes in very handy.

What Is DotCom Secrets?

The book will not only help you on your journey, but will be a great go to reference guide to keep referring back to.

There is a good amount of actionable advice, when learning to sell online its a great idea to learn from someone who has been successful in the past.

Russell Brunson has written the book in an engaging way that make it an easy read – All 254 pages!

The pages are filled with easy to follow examples, explaining  different secrets inside of the book.

Russel Brunson? Who is he?

Russell is an successful entrepreneur who started his very own business in collage, what he started with is so random that it helps you believe that you can make a business out of anything when done right.


(yo find out what that was, you will have to read the book)

He is the co founder of Etison LLC, where click funnels emerged and became a massive success with online software.

DotCom secrets is the first of a 4 book trilogy, there are also plenty of information products and live events that Russell has been part of too.

There is a 2 comma club where Russel has mentored 206 students to become millionaires.

The 360 million dollar business was completely self funded.

A Little Peek Inside The Book

What is DotCom Secrets – By Russell Brunson 2020

The Marketing strategies in the book are set out in five sections.

Section 1 – Ladders and Funnels

Here you will be able to read five marketing secrets

1 – The Secret Formula

Determining where your would like to take your customers, you need to provide value and encourage them to follow you.

The formula has 4 simple questions for you to ask yourself

  • Who are your dream customers?
  • How Can you find them?
  • What hook can you use to attract them?
  • What result do you want them to have?

2 – The Value Ladder

This is the part in the book where you are required to focus on the steps customers will take.

What is DotCom Secrets - By Russell Brunson 2020

You need to lead your dream customer step by step to help them gain there goal.

By getting this right you will be able to earn more money and serve your customers at a much higher level.

3 – Ladder To A Funnel

This is the part where Russel explains the basics of creating your own funnel and the psychology involved in making the funnel profitable.

Having a value ladder mapped out, it will help your funnel be more effective.

ladder vs funnel

The funnel you create is the online process your customer will go through, in effect they will be stepping up the value ladder.


4 – How to Find Your Dream Customers

This part will help you understand where your dream customers are and how to target them.

Finding where they are will give you an understanding of how to divert their attention to you and your funnel.

You need to grab the customers attention! Divert their interest towards you and your funnel.

5 – Three Types of Traffic

Finding out how traffic works is the start of being able to target the traffic to your funnel. Russell goes through the types of traffic your should focus on

  • Traffic we Control
  • The Traffic We Don’t Control
  • Traffic we Own

Section 2 – Your Communication Funnel

This section goes into detail about building and audience using personal branding.

You are taught how to engage with your customers and lead them to sales.

6 – Attractive Character

Here Russell talks about building a character online that will attract your perfect audience to build a following who trust you, and will buy from you.


Creating an attractive character consist of 3 main components –

  • The Elements
  • Identity of character
  • Storylines

7 – The Soap Opera Sequence

This is a series of email sequences that help build up a relationship with the customer who is reading your emails.

Russell also shares 5 email template that he uses himself.

The way that this works it that you build up a relationship where the customer looks forward to receiving the next email from you.

8 – Daily Seinfeld Sequence

This is a style of email that your customers look forward to receiving.

It is about relating with the customer with stories, but the story will have a purpose.

The aim is to funnel the reader back to the product your selling, DotCom Secrets has written examples.

Section 3 – Funnelology

Here DotCom secrets goes through the techniques on building a funnel and making it work.

9 – Engineering A Successful Funnel

A big mistake a lot of people do is build a funnel how they find it would attract customers.

Mistake! The best method is to use successful funnels that have been proven to work already.

You don’t necessarily need your own fresh ideas to begin with – you can use other peoples working ideas and make them better.

10 – Seven Phases Of A Funnel

The part here talks about the levels of traffic, and how to treat them along the funnel process.

Mastering the phases of a funnel will help you to create the perfect type of page and offer that converts the customer.

11 – Twenty-Three Building Blocks Of A Funnel

There are many effective building blocks to a funnel, they are used in 4 different phases –

  • Pre-Frame Bridge
  • Qualifying Subscribers
  • Qualifying Buyers
  • Identifying Buyers for your products

The book goes through the great ways you can use these phases to work best with your product and funnel.

12 -Frontend vs. Backend Funnels

Its a common mistake which people make by showing the wrong type of funnel to the specific type or buyer. The backend of the funnel should only be shown to qualified buyers.

13 – Bait

The term “Bait” is used, to describe an offer to the customer to get interested from the start. Like a free book full with great ideas to boost your business.

In the long run you will be offering your products or services that compliment the book.


Section Four: Funnels And Scripts

The wording within a script is also very important, the way you come across to the customer.

It is easy to see great examples of scripts used which are divided into 3 different sections –

  • Frontend Funnel
  • Middle Funnel
  • Backend Funnel

Funnels are easily able to copy into your own funnel with clickfunnels software.

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What is DotCom Secrets – By Russell Brunson 2020

I have only just skimmed the surface of what to expect with What is DotCom Secrets – By Russel Brunson 2020, you will have to purchase the book and go through it yourself to be able to find out everything.

Which i would recommend, Then for example,  you are able to write down notes and bookmark pages for the actions you are going to take with your own business.

When you go to purchase the book HERE, take note of the funnel and how it is structured, you will be able to build funnels like that too.

I found incredible value in this book for ideas and way to move my business forward – I hope you do too.

So just like me don’t waste anymore time and use this opportunity for you to grab your very own copy here  – 


Dot Com Secrets

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