Website For My Business 2020 – How Simple Can It Be?

Website For My Business 2020 – How Simple Can It Be?

The time has come to create a website for your business online, with all the different ways you could do this i am going to explain the BEST way to go in 2020.

Website For My Business 2020


You knew the time would come sooner or later where you will have to take your business online with everyone else in order to keep it going.

The current pandemic in the summer of 2020 may have forced you into this, or you have finally got to grips that this is the way forward.

Creating a Website For My Business 2020

Coding a website can be very expensive and take a lot of time to get right. Not to mention having to learn how to actually do it in the first place!

Well being able to build a Website For My Business 2020 – How Simple Can It Be? just got a lot simpler!

Weather you own a restaurant, a small shop, dog kennels, hair salon……………………

I’m going to stop there as i could be going on forever.

Having  a presence online is the best way to be able to promote your business. I cant remember the last time I picked up a leaflet or the yellow pages and called the company.

Everything we need these days is online – and that’s where we go to find what we need.

Personally google is my go to place for everything – you don’t know? Then google it!

And google is where you can find every webpage on the planet.

Modern websites

Although websites are very popular for a business it’s not the way the world is going.

You don’t want people to just browse your website and be looking all over for things.

You want people who visit your web page to be captured and stay on your page, then be convinced that this is what they have been looking for.

Web Page Funnels

A funnel is much more appealing to the customer.

The customer can work their way through a funnel, slowly finding out more and more what you have to offer and leading them to and order page to complete their purchase.

Each step of the funnel is able to show the customer something new about the services or products on offer.

Also it is able to include upsells for the customer to put in their basket along the way.

Check the example here of a book given away for free

Check the example here of a book given away for free

How easy is it to build a funnel?

Remember at school where you could drag and drop pictures to upload? Its that simple!

There are different boxes where you can add text or images and even call to action buttons with no coding skills whatsoever.

drag and drop

What funnel Software?

The best software on the market is Click Funnels.

With the click funnels software you are able to simply drag and drop everything into place.

This is not just a simple software.

In the beginning it is user friendly and for anyone starting out themselves you will be able to build a live funnel in a matter of minutes.

Saying that there are also many options that you will want to test out, simply because they will make our funnel better.

The One Funnel Away Challenge

Click Funnels offers a fantastic course which i highly recommend taking part in.

Not only will you get a guided tour with experts holding your hand all the way through, you will be able to create an amazing funnel for your business.

Starting off on the right foot is critical when entering the online market.

Its like making a first impression, you got to get it right the first time.

Therefore as a result you will gain customers who return again and again.

Enter the challenge here and get your online presents started today –

One Funnel Away

One funnel away workbook

So the answer to building Website For My Business 2020 – How Simple Can It Be? is………..

Very simple if you use the correct tool from the beginning.

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