Jobs That Are A Waste Of Your Life and Time!

Were They Wasting their life?

Standing in a car park wasting your life in the middle of traffic, waving your arms back and forward. Even though there’s no other direction to go!


What is the actual point of that job!


I admit, they person is getting paid to just stand there and wave their arms, but what a way to be wasting your life away.

Wasting your life


If your going to do anything to earn money, at least do something that’s going to be mentally stimulating – not pay you to be a zombie and waste your life away.

This Is Something We All Go Through

This is what got me thinking and got me to research are there other jobs out there that are a complete waste of time or a pointless job. 


If you need money, I get it you need a job. But go at it with a plan.

A plan to progress up in that career or actually learn something.

Not be a human traffic cone.


When I was younger I went through so many jobs.

Me, my brother and a couple of my friends signed up to an agency.


We basically has a different job every week. As we all know that the job wouldn’t progress anywhere – we didn’t care.

We just got paid to turn up to these pointless jobs.

To be honest we didn’t even do much to get paid. Just being on site and cocking in on the machine was enough.


The Bakery Job

One job we were paid to watch dough in a bakery go along a coveter belt.

It was going straight into a machine and being made into a loaf of bread.

Four of us stood in a line about 10 meters apart.


It was sooooo mind numbing.

Every now and again a piece of dough would come past in the shape of a willy, then one with a face print…


The faceprint you could tell who it was, so that job only lasted a week.?


Nothing happened though, there were rails for the dough not to fall off – why the hell were we even there!


Order Picking On The Agency – Wasting Your Life 

If you work in a factory where you are in charge or the order pickers. DO NOT have agency workers – They don’t care.


The fulltime pickers who take the job serious and don’t race around on the pallet trucks, they must be brain dead.


Getting a list of items and picking it from a warehouse to be sent out every day for a week was enough for me.


The fact that it was Easter and we were picking Easter eggs too.?

Four 18 year old lads………

Yep, we ate a lot of them.



You Need To Start Somewhere

These types of jobs are proper ground level. If you going to do them have a plan to move up at least.


I have a friend who started out picking years ago, now he is the manager. That’s what you want to do.


But I suppose its down to the individual and how they choose to waste their life.


Some people are happy standing there all day sticking straw to the Capri sun juice cartons. To go home every week with £500 for 10 years.


Others want the world. A credit card that got no limits, a bathroom you can play baseball in.

But you have to be prepared to work for it with ambition and drive.



The thing is you don’t need a big ambition or a lot of drive, you just need some.


Some can turn into a lot over time slowly.


DONT Keep Wasting Your Life 


I think I have always had a huge ambition, maybe too big sometimes.


But I when I want something, I aim for it and try really hard to get there.


Small things like I wanted to take up snowboarding, so did some lessons and started to go every year.


I wanted to ride a stupidly fast motorbike, so did my full license and bought a fast bike.


I wanted to quit being an electrician, so looked into things and quit to earn a living online.


My partner always says to me what’s next? When are you going to be happy?


That’s the thing, I am happy. I just find things that can make me happier and I think everyone should do the same.


This might be a bit of a jump, but for some reason I want a helicopter license.

I know how much its going to cost and where I can do it.


I haven’t actually pulled the trigger on that one yet.


People say I’m a dreamer and have a crazy imagination.


Yes I am!


I don’t just want to dream, I don’t just want to imagine – I want to make all my dreams come true.


I want to make everyone’s dreams come true.

But you can help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves.

Like the person being paid to be a human traffic cone.


I hope they have a bigger plan than just standing in a carpark waving their arms.


Maybe they are trying to save up enough money to get a computer to create a YouTube channel of how to break dance.


Saving to investing some training on publishing their own book.


Anything – just something to get them away from standing there all day.


There are so many options out there on the internet.


I made a video on 5 entrepreneurs who made a successful business from their crazy idea.


You should check it out on the Break The Chains Of Your 9 to 5 YouTube Channel.


Check it out here =



Have a think, is your job a painless job? Or can it actually make your life better by going somewhere?



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