The Challenge To Upgrading Your JOB.

It was a great pleasure to have Chris Nixon – Productivity Coach and Strategist on the podcast and asking him about he challenges to upgrading your job.

He helps clients whose stressful chaotic lives have overwhelmed them, and robbed them of motivation, accountability, and reaching their goals.

The Challenge To Upgrading Your JOB.

The full interview is on you tube here

Chris believes that no two people think the same or work the same so that means no two productivity systems can be the same.

He developed The Productivity Master Method™ to find the right productivity solutions, tools, and tactics for each client. These systems fit the client’s needs, reduce their stress and overwhelm and allow them to be creative again.

Chris developed his first system more than 25 years ago and since then has developed hundreds more. He has also become a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, an Erickson Professional Coach, a Continuous Improvement Specialist, and a Full Focus Planner Certified Pro.

Known for having an open mind and being a good listener, Chris pairs these with his critical thinking skills making problem-solving one of his best-used skills.  

If you need help taming your busy life go to to learn more. 

In the podcast Chris explains that coming from a farming background he is familiar to hard work.  

Having changed his career every 3 years in pursuit of a new challenge, that’s what led Chris to the online world. So many people these days are looking to upgrade their lifestyle to a career online. 

Why Would People Think of Upgrading Your Jobs.

The whole point of upgrading your job is to have a better life style. It may be more money or more time. Whichever one it is, its going to take some work on your behalf.

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