The Time Is Now To Value Your Time While Alive

Time is the only thing in the world that money cant buy!


When we have around 80 years to make the most of the time we have, we want to spent it wisely right?

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When living your life seems a bit like groundhog day with the same routine and the same old thing happening every single day.


That’s a sign to make a change.

Make you life a little bit more exciting with a challenge that will result in a better future for you.

Here will I not only explain why, but will give you and idea you can start right away.



The Circle Of Life….

  • Work
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Repeat.


I think I have felt like my life was getting into this boring cycle a few times.

I’m not the only one too, so many people all over the world are in the same position.

This is probably why I left school to become a mechanic – quit

When back to college to do accountancy – quit

Then became an electrician for 25 years, I would say quit, but once your good at something there are plenty of people who ask you to help them out all the time – with electrical problems.


I am one of those people who have my fingers in a number of business opportunities these days, and that makes my life a little more exciting.


You have to roll with the punches, it’s a huge learning curve and it was a tough pill to swallow that those get rich quick schemes promoted online.


Are actually a scam!

You Have The Time To Work On Your Dreams

But you cant give up on the dreams you have or had once.


There’s so many ways to make money without having to trade your time continually.


You just need to find a way that suits you.


It brings it home when you look at someone in your life that’s passed away.


My dad was a really hard working bloke.


From the age of 12 he had a job, I don’t think it was through choice, I think his dad made him.

He worked nearly every day of his life until he was 65. That’s 53 years.

19350 days

It wasn’t until my dad retired at the age of 65 that he did something he enjoyed.

That was grow flowers and vegetable in an allotment, along with a few chickens.


The amount he harvested it would of easily made a good living.

I would love to be able to ask him today if we went back 30 years would you have done things differently?


I cant, its too late.


When my dad passed in 2020 it made me question my own life and what I was doing with it.


Making My Time Alive Count

I was successful as an electrician with a very busy electrical business.

However I never had the time to enjoy life.


I was always working and my head was filled with tasks I had to do all the time.


This stressed me out.

When most of my friends were self employed tradesmen they were all in the same position – so I assumed it was normal.


Well that was my normal for 20 years.


Growing a business as self employed all by myself.

  • The quotes
  • Invoices
  • And accounts!!!


What do you do to relax when your always working?

You sleep or head down the pub to drown your sorrows.


Meet up with a bunch of guys you call your best friends because they all know whet your going through.

Because they do you the same as you!


I will admit, back in my 20 it was fun.

You work hard and you play dam hard – too hard for some of us that carried on playing hard to this day.


Yesterday Is History – The Best Time Is Today


What if I tried to do something that could run on auto 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Where would you be now in life?


What do you think your life would look like?


You do know there is something better then yesterday, its called today.

You can make a plan now to be able to have more time in the future.


Trust me your cant keep on at the same pace forever, I started to become more of a light weight in my 30 and have to sleep in the van sometimes outside the pub.


Not only have I managed to free up loads of time by starting to work online, the protentional of the amount of money I can make is a lot more then being an electrician.



The question is – could you do the same?


Will you challenge yourself today to check out a book?


In the book is a detailed description of how you can not only start making money online, but scale too.


Only One Way To Find Out – Grab a copy of the book here 


If you never try – you will never know


Until next time.?










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