The Recipe For Making Money Online

The Recipe For Making Money Online

Although there are many different recipes out there I am going to detail the main recipe that is needed to make money online.

I have came up with this list through the experiences that I have personally been through.

So ……..

1. A computer, phone or tablet

2. Website to keep all your content

3. Training

4. Landing page

5. Product

6. Traffic to that Product

7. Customers

Now To Go Into Detail For What Each One Will Do


The computer, phone or tablet will be needed for you to be able to interact with customers. You will need to be able to connect with people around the world on the internet to bring them into your business.


A website or some form of home for the content you create, Weather it be a podcast or you tube. Its always a good idea to have one place where people can find out all about you and your business.

Training is probably the most important. If you are new to the online world there are things that you need to do that and learn how certain things work in order to be successful.

Some form of landing page where your potential customers will come to before they either sign up to your email list or purchase the product you have on offer.

You going to need something to promote in order to make money. This could be your own product or training that you have created.

What have you got on offer?

People need to see what you have on offer, this is where traffic comes in. Traffic is the amount of people who see what you have on offer and find it valuable to them.

The only thing that makes a business would be customers, if your business has no customers then its just a hobby.

Pretty simple right? That’s all you need!

Its not always about the things you have but what you do with the things you have.

And when starting off completely new, some of these things are going to be hard to come by.

So a solution to many of the life’s problems is to get help, you could spend years figuring it all out for yourself, but wouldn’t you give up if something isn’t working?

This is what I thought when I entered the world of working online. I was changing my career from an electrician to a affiliate marketer.

I didn’t want to invest any money, only a minimal amount of time, but wanted results FAST!

Ok! Yes your right — I was a Dickhead.

However I didn’t give up. I decided to look into what I was doing wrong and why it wasn’t working.

I teamed up with a business that provided me with

Which was a huge step for me. Product had already been proven to be successful as it was already out there on the market doing well.

The training is exactly what I needed in order to learn how to become a marketer online.

Although I was expecting to find a magic wand to enable me to become an overnight success, I also learned that this was a myth!

So after going through the training, all I had to do was implement what I had learnt. My list was getting smaller.

· Customers

· Traffic to that Product

Still I had a road block I soon found out I needed to overcome.


Some of the training didn’t make sense to me. How they were teaching me to generate traffic and acquire customers to my content didn’t seem the ideal way of doing things.

So I added my own twist to things and did what I thought was best.

Surprise, Surprise — it didn’t work.

It reminded me of a film I’m sure you know, where Mr Miyagi is teaching a student karate.

Wax on wax off, basically just cleaning cars. Well little did his student Daniel know that it was a valuable lesson that will help him win the tournament.

These are the kind of lessons I’m still learning, they may not make sense NOW. However they a re proven methods that work and I need to learn the and master them before I myself become a master in the marketing industry.

So my advice to anyone beginning to learn a new career, If you invest in training — Listen and implement what is taught. Once you begin to see success, then you can try out some of your own ideas.

It all starts with some great advice from someone who has taken the journey you are walking down — All in this book

The Iceberg Effect


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