The Reason I Turned to Online

The Reason I Turned to Online

A few years back, I had a house I was renting out and I was a tenant in a bigger property. I needed a bigger house for my family, this was the reason I turned to online.

Well time went on and the property I was a tenant in was too small for the 3 children I had, it was a 3 bedroom house.

The Reason I Turned to Online

The girls had to share a bedroom with bunk beds, as they get older — bunk beds aren’t cool!

Being teenagers they spend most of their time in the room on tic tok and snapchat anyway.

I was working flat out — Quoting — invoicing — call outs! Everything I could do to get that little bit extra to be able to get a bigger house with a bedroom each for the girls.

I felt tired and stuck!

Family First

The girls were unhappy and moaned at my about having their own bedroom constantly!

I wanted to give them the bedroom, I wanted them to be happy.

But I didn’t want to move to a bigger property, pay more rent and get myself in a bigger hole!

But I tried to keep everyone happy and said “OK leave it with me! I will figure this out”

“I will give you a big room each with great big TV screens, what colour do you want your bedroom?”

“I’m on it just give me some time.”

Well the tenant in my property had wrecked it, and stopped paying rent — so I kicked him out and put the property up for sale.

So I had a good chunk of money to put down on a new house for me and my family with a bedroom each.

This was the plan — easy.

Banks said NO — Mortgage lenders said NO. I could basically buy the same house I was in. That didn’t get me anywhere!

Could I barrow the money?

Mum and Dad were in no position to help me out!

Well I don’t know where to get a Gun to rob a bank — we don’t even live in the wild Wild West!

Another option could be to carry on working flat out and in 3 years or so the banks may say YES?

I got to change this! I’m not happy doing this at all, I’m good at it but I tired with no time to myself!

I went back to my reason I turned to online and hit the internet to work this out. Selling wholesale item on eBay sweet, I can do that.

Start Amazon FBA cool yeah I can do that too.

Trade bitcoin — I’m in!

All these things made money, but not a great deal and it takes up a lot of time, which I didn’t have working flat out in my dad job.

Then I stumbled across Affiliate marketing, so I tried my hand at that too.

I know — I have the shiny thing syndrome!

The whole sale item I was buying were from auction sites, there was a reason they were in an auction — no one wanted them.

The Reason I Turned to Online

It took 8 weeks to finally get a design and manufacture from china to be ready to ship my items to me.

The Affiliate links I was putting out there were getting 10 -20 clicks but no sales!

All the courses were 2k or more and most of them led to the same scam I looked into before!

One software that I had seen but never used, it was expensive and had a couple of people moaning about the price.

So I steered clear.

But kept seeing it come up — everywhere and me linking shiny things had to check it out.

I signed up and started to use the software — Watched a few you tube videos and got to learn my way around.

The software was very impressive,  I wanted to master it and know more, so I invested in a course.

The course was made and taught but the same person who invented the software.

So I had to check it out.

And do you know what — it works! I made a sale — I had learnt enough about becoming an affiliate to make money online!

The course is the best I have investment I could have ever done.

They teach you not only how to do it but how to condition your mind in a way that success is the only option!

The Journey for me is still at the starting point.

I am still on this journey — but this course has knocked me up a gear. I’m getting prepared to be super charged!!!!!!!!!

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