The Next Best Thing? In Social Media

It is no surprise to anyone one that social media is constantly evolving.

If you are old enough to remember Myspace and face party, which were old platforms of social media around years ago, you will know they no longer get a mention.

I think it all began with msm messenger.

The hours I used to spend on there talking to people all over the world.
Then came along Facebook, as you know, that was a game changer for everything.

I still think that Facebook is the number one platform in the world right now.

We also have so many other competing for our engagement –

Linked In
You Tube

There are so many different platforms to grow a brand on these days.

There is one that is trying to keep it all in one place, Facebook.

With Facebook, forever evolving with new features it looks like they are building the ideal platform to lead them all.

Have you noticed that your newsfeed on Facebook is becoming full of ads, full of the same type of content?

With this people’s attention span is getting smaller and they just scroll right past.

It has been proven that the latest way to keep someone’s interest is with stories.

The Next Best Thing?

Facebook stories is able to capture another person’s attention and is also much more simple to encourage a reaction.

This in my opinion is the evolution of Facebook, and they know it. It’s why Facebook has come out with Reels.
Reels is basically tic tok for Facebook.

With Facebook stories, you have 24 hours to get your point across. 24 hours to make the person seeing the story to be desperately wanting to hear whats next.

This is where batch creating your content comes into it.

Following a proven method to get you started with you stories.

I was lucky enough to take part in some perfectly constructed training to help me figure out how stories work.
Along with some amazing hacks for engagement.

I have a google document where it lays it all out in a workshop.

If you would like a copy – All you need to do is ask.

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