The Current State Of The Economy

How To Be Recession Proof In The Current State Of The Economy

The current state of the economy may have a lot to do with what happened with Covid 2 years ago.

But I think that Covid just speeded everything up to what was going to happen anyway.

Interest Rates 

With interest rates planning to go sky high, the fuel prices all over the world already have.  

We are all just waiting for someone on the tv to say “we are in a recession” when we probably have been for 6 months.


I think the world leaders are hesitant to actually say we are in a recession because many people panic. I mean everyone stocked up on toilet roll because they saw it on tv.


This is why so many people have taken to building something online.

Its digital –

The government can make you stay at home, who cares

They cant close your business down or stop you creating content to upload.

Your customers are all over the world – its like having a 24 hour 7 day a week world wide shop.


That’s 100% recession proof.


When all business were forced to close – they turned to the internet to keep their business running.


The problem was that offline business owners didn’t have a clue how to market themselves on the world wide web.


How to target their perfect audience.


Facebook made millions from people just creating ads and targeting every one in the world, which is pointless for a pizza delivery restaurant in a small town.


So this forced company’s to out source the online work.

To people online who would do the work for them, for a small commission.

Some business have thrived since the pandemic due to moving online.

Others have wasted money and gone under.


Then people have started to realize the potential of working online from home – Some didn’t even go back to the job they had, even if they could.


The skills you learn marketing online can be adapted to any business all over the world, its all connected to the internet.


Things Will Only Get Worse With The Economy 

I see so many people struggling and trying to keep up with the bills coming in, even trying to ignore the fact of the cost of living going up, but the wages staying the same.


Then banging it all on a credit card.


I know people who work REALLY hard in their job because they want to keep it, only to find out one day – its gone.


The whole business has been losing money and that means every single employee is also out of a job!


This is why I think its vital to have a plan B, even if it’s an hour a day.

You learn something new, look into another opportunity – don’t keep all you eggs in one basket.


This will take the pressure off of you being so desperate to keep that one job, hope and preying that nothing happens and your unemployed.


Who knows that plan B can become the Plan A one day. You can still continue to work for someone else in a job – but you wont be so worried that its not going to be there tomorrow.


People have been building a business online for years, they have made the mistakes, they have spent 10 years testing things out and learning what works.

Just like your supervisor at work. You learn the skills from them.


That’s just what I did, I’m a 40 year old guy.

The internet is for watching films and buying things I don’t need from eBay. I needed to learn from someone else.


I needed to see just how they managed to build a business online and continue to thrive, even through the pandemic.


That’s why I grabbed a copy of this book.

Less than a chrome sky hood from eBay for $7!

Grab A Copy Here


I started to learn and haven’t stopped to this day.


The recession is coming or is it already here?

Its all I hear in the financial space, look into a Plan B and check out the book

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