The Successful Mindset

One thing I can say with working online is – That it has changed my mind to a Successful Mindset

It has changed the way I see a lot of things.

The plan was to be rich. I wanted to have a billion dollars in my account.

Successful Mindset

I was wanting all that money but never actually thought why? or what for?

What would I do with a billion dollars?

And if I did have all that money? Would it be enough, Would it be the answer to all my dreams? NO!

If I had a billion dollars in front of me right now. Would I still think the same?

I would still have the same decisions of what clothes to wear, What food to eat and how am I going to be healthy.

Everything would still be the same. Money wouldn’t change that. I would just have a shed load of money at my finger tips.

This is where I have come to the conclusion that my mindset towards money and towards life in general needs an upgrade.

I have been learning that your a successful mindset can determine the outcome or everything. It controls your emotions and makes you react to a specific scenario.

React a way that later on you may regret.

I bet you are able to think of a past situation right now where if you reacted differently the outcome would have been very different.

For example:

I have a friend who worked on the doors of a night club. One night a guy who was drunk started to abuse him verbally.

My friend reacted and threw a punch. That punch knocked the drunk guy to the ground and he hit his head and he ended up in hospital.

The following 12 months there were a number of court cases with my friend of trial for attempted murder.

If only that night he had reacted differently and looked the other way, the next 12 months of his life would have been very different.

To be able to control your mind and its emotions to think before you react, it will become a huge benefit in many life situations.

The brain is where you can grow a Successful Mindset. It has you houses your mind.

Learning how your brain works in order to control your mind is what helps grow a successful mindset.

This goes for every single person in the world!

We were all born with a brain. The elements that the brain has been exposed to over time is what has conditioned the mind.

Nothing says that this cannot be re-written.

An accident or a trauma can cause the brain to shut memory’s out, but doesn’t stop you making new ones.

Think of you brain locked away in a dark box with no:-

  • light
  • Sound
  • Smell

It is controlled by what it is told is going on outside to how it determines its reaction.

The way we have some people seeing an object different colors. The brain is the same, its the signal it is getting from the eyes witch is different.

This is the reason people say to believe you can do it and you will.

Its your brain that is telling you that its not possible to do. So you don’t even try.

If you already believe that its possible and that you ca do it. The brain will signal to your body to give it the 100%.

When Running in a Race With a Successful Mindset

You may be up against people who are bigger and better than you. Believing that you can win will make you try 100%.

Just think, although the other runners may physically look bigger and better than you, their brain may not believe they can win and therefore doesn’t signal the body to perform 100%.

This is the whole reason to learn new skills all the time – To work out the brain.

At first a new skill you want to master may seem impossible, This is your brain not having a clue and not understanding.

So you study and learn how that skill is done. So the brain adapts to see that skill as simple.

The reaction in your brain is also a scene of achievement.

This has a knock on effect to other skills and challenges you face in the future. You brain knows that it can learn new skills and embraces the scene of achievement.

Many people set out learn a new skill because they fear it.

Because they are so bad at something they aim to get better at it. Basically obsess over it.

Then one day without even realizing they no longer fear that skill, because they are a master of it and probably better than most people.

The God Given Gift

You may have heard someone say ” That child has a god given natural gift”.

Little to we know that that child has been obsessed with that skill, watched videos and others doing it.

They wanted to be able to do that skill long before they even had a go at it. So in their mind they already knew what to do.

Having a Huge Win

There must have been a time in your life where you have been successful at something. Weather it be riding a bike or playing football.

The actual achievement of dong the skill is not as great as knowing how you got there.

The journey to acquiring that skill is a better achievement than actually being able to do the skill itself.

Don’t be fooled thinking everyone wants you to be successful!

There are always people who like to see you fail, sometime the people close to you.

They don’t believe something is possible, therefore tell you its not possible and try to discourage you from even trying.

Its like when you get all excited for an event, then someone says “Its probably going to clod and rain!”

That thought never even crossed your mind until someone else put it there and dragged you down to their level!

This is why its a good idea to surround yourself with light minded people like you.


I’m not trying to say get rid of every negative person in your life.

It would be a lonely life for me if I did that.

But by supporting that negative person at that time and helping them change a negative into a positive would be a benefit to you in the future.

We all have bads days, there may be one day where that person will be doing the same for you.

I remember when I was working as an electrician. I was offered price work, which is a number of jobs to do on a price.

The more jobs you do the more you get paid.

A few weeks went by and I was called into the office and asked to slow down. I was earning too much in a week.

Now – I didn’t see the point of slowing down. So I ended up working direct for the other company who encouraged me to go faster and get as many jobs done as I could.

I didn’t train at my job to be asked to go backwards.

Taking Time To Recharge

There are benefits to always wanting to progress and evolve your mindset – but you also need to remember to take time to chill!

Like any part of your body you need to give it a rest once inn a while to recharge.

Many people do this with hobbies. One of my hobbies is dirtbikes.

When Im racing round a track, there is nothing else on my mind but staying on that bike.

I know it may not sound like it – But to me that is relaxing.

I think that I enjoy it so much as it gives me no other choice but to concentrate on riding.

Deep Thinking To a Successful Mindset

The past 6 months I think I have been thinking deep, then seeing how deep I can actually go.

Like wanting to buy a new Harley Davidson motorbike.

Why do I want it? – To ride of course, but I did own another bike and never really had the time to go out on it.

I moved to motocross because of the danger of road bikes.

Getting down to the fact that I didn’t actually want to own a Harley Davidson, I just wanted to ride one.

I Surprised Myself

Years ago I would never of thought as myself as a deep thinker, but the more I do it – the more it makes complete scene.

I do believe it helps me my life too, with how I react to certain situations.

Changing my mindset to how it has been influenced to the environment I grew up in.

Changing my interpretation of money is a big one for me. I feel my mind is evolving to a successful mindset.

You should try it out for yourself. A great start would be chapter one in this book.

Turning my life around – Get your free copy HERE.

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