Starting To Work Online – Changed My Life

Starting To Work Online

The thing is, the old me maybe 5 years ago thought he was actually happy. Starting to work online wasn’t even a thought in my head.

I probably was, only because I didn’t know what else was possible.


I was Ben the electrician and that’s what I was going to be for the rest for my life.

Hard working, fix everyone wiring – Call me up at the drop of a hat and I would be there to fix all your electrical needs.

Starting To Work Online


  • When I foist started working for myself as an electrician it was exciting.
  • Being my own boss
  • Having days off when I liked
  • Being able to charge customers what I knew I was worth.


The only this is I had to keep the pressure on.

I did, I was very busy all the time. Working 12 hour days most weeks and earning a good amount of money.


On my grave stone it would have said – Here lies Ben the greatest electrician of all time!?


This Is Where Things Changed


Until I took a 10 day holiday. It was over in Australia.

When I was awake, everyone in the UK was asleep – so I couldn’t take any calls for the business.


Of course when I was over in Australia, I wasn’t earning any money too.


But the freedom I had and the hassle free 10 days away from being Ben the electrician was enough for me to say – I want more of this.

I set out on a mission of starting to work online.


The Plan Of Starting To Work Online

Start with making a plan. Wanting to change from being Ben the electrician, I wanted a different life.

One where I could break the chains of working a 9 to 5 job.


I looked into a lot of different opportunities online. I did give a lot of them a good go too.

It wasn’t until I took part in a challenge that the idea of podcasting was put into my head.

I still say to this day Russel Brunson from click funnels is the one to blame for this.

So thank you Russell.


After diving into the online space and uncovering the protentional of opportunities out there online, I believe the options are endless.



Just to name some of them. I only named these because, these are the ones I have got myself into over time.

All these opportunities I have made money from.

Where I was once an electrician who had one stream of income – I now have 6 streams of income to support me.


There are some days where I don’t talk to anyone at all, sad but true – and I like it.


The best thing is with all these opportunities they are able to still make me money even when I do take a holiday.


Some are more passive then others.

With each one I am growing it as time goes on.

The crypto value continues to go up

The NFTs are an investment for the future

Affiliate marketing continues to grow

I continue to create YouTube videos for that channel to grow

The podcast content continue to grow

Then the blogging – is the podcast written down.


Looking Back……

Its been around 3 years since I was a fulltime electrician now.

I can safely say, people now call me Ben.

I believe that anyone can do this too. Not only break the chains to their 9 to 5, but have multiple streams of income developed overtime.


You wont be a millionaire tomorrow, but one day I can see this happening.


How many millionaire electricians to you know??


Think about that one……..


Until next time

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