Start Your Own Online Business – TODAY

What business could you start today??

Have you ever thought to Start Your Own Online Business that has potential to quit your 9 to 5 in the future?


Hell – it may even be an option to never even have a 9 to 5 job.


This idea I have had for a while. I have tried to explain it to a few people, but they never really looked interested.


So I’m going to tell the world here and let every one share the idea with their friends.


Because I think this could be a great business idea for someone.


The Idea Of How to Start Your Own Online Business

This idea has came about through podcasting.

I am constantly telling family members to make a start with something online, you never know what it will turn into one day.


I believe this idea can be done by anyone in the world of any age. There are 12 year old’s making a fortune with the power of the internet – There’s no reason why everybody cant do the same.

jo jo bow

Look at this young girl who has a YouTube channel of over 12 million subscribers!!

I think it’s common knowledge that the English are lazy with languages, not everyone.


But I am speaking for myself here too. I only speak English.


However in the UK we have so many different nationalities coming to live in the UK every day.


With the most common language all over the world, it’s a huge benefit to be able to speak English.


Yet many of the foreign mums and dads struggle to speak English in the UK. This has a knock on effect for their kids.


The children struggle more at school and tend to spend their time around the kids that speak the same language.

This is where my idea comes into play.


Where Is Children’s Attention? 


Children these days use YouTube A LOT!

I mean I met a child with an American accent a while ago that she had picked up from you tube, none of her family were from the US.

This idea is more suited for a mother or a 12 year old child – but also an option for anyone to do.


Create a podcast for the younger generation.

Not only non English speaking children, but all children all over the world.


You can take ideas from Disney and put them into your own words.


You could even make a story up about the pandemic and staying at home using real life experiences.

The ideas could be endless.


The children will listen to the stories at night via your podcast or even in the car on a long journey.


Over time that podcast will grow and so will your personal brand.

Start Your Own Online Business - TODAY


Growing An Online Business


This can evolve into a membership site where you can do special stories or videos for the fans.

Even discounts on merchandise for the kids.


Kids love to have their idols on a t shirt – look at the frozen brand from 2013.


That brand is still going strong now.


To start a podcast couldn’t be easier. is a free podcasting platform that distributes your podcast to all the most popular podcasting platforms around the world.


  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • Google
  • Amazon – this is played on Alexa


I see this as a bullet proof business idea to Start Your Own Online Business. So much so that I would be happy to personally help someone run with this idea.


I will help with getting the podcast up and running with a number of ideas that I have learnt overtime to get that podcast out in front of the whole wide world.


Then monetize it too. With a print on demand shop online.


I suppose the question on your mind is “why haven’t I don’t this myself?”


I’m a 41 year old guy who’s passion is motorbikes and making money online.


My voice and enthusiasm to tell a fairy-tale story on a podcast wouldn’t relate to a young child.


It would be like me promoting a shampoo – I haven’t got any hair!


So if you would like to get this show on the road and build you own business online with a podcast.

Get in contact with me on my Facebook.


Break The Chains Group


I look forward to hearing from you.


Until next time ❤


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