Something for Nothing!

I think it was the way I was possibly bought up – getting something for nothing is great right.

You do not question it, you take it and walk away, it free why not!

In addition, I truly think that that is the mind-set of 90% of the people round me.

FREE is amazing! Let us grab as many as possible

I completely get why too, and why I am probably still the same, in many ways.

However, what if we think about it? Analyse why that thing is free.

Sometimes it is a bribe – Look how fantastic the small free one is, now look at what you can purchase from our shop.

Or maybe a hook – Try this free sample – Now to be able to have more it’s going to cost you this much!

Something for Nothing!

It Happens All Over The World

In addition, of course, you get a plan con artist – I was in Venice on a romantic weekend with the Mrs.

A person walks up and try’s to give me a rose, your wife is so beautiful I think she should have this for free.

Theres me great free Rose, I will have it. He kept following us and then asked maybe something for me too?

Sure, I said you are also beautiful – here is a beautiful rose.

You Don’t Get Something For Nothing

Well, I must admit he was very polite until he knew that he was not getting any money out of me.

I do not think anything is for free in this world.

With garages offering a free MOT with a service of a car, I also opted in for that. They phoned me to say I needed a new window screen, on the car I had, it is a £700 screen and I knew it was ok, because I had it replaced on the insurance 3 days before.

Again, they tried their luck. I called them up on it but many wouldn’t, the same as I bet many would have gave the person in Venice some money for the rose.

I must be coming across as a complete tight ass! I’m not, I just do not like to be tricked or conned out of money for anything.

I think if I can go out and earn am honest living then others should do the same.

I wouldn’t expect something for nothing in today world.

Working Online

Among my friends, there is a joke that Ben does not go to work.

I do work, just do not leave the house, and many people can get their heads round that.

People do ask, “What is it you actually do?”

I love that question because it shows they are intrested and I am able to explain how they can also do it themselves.

I stat by explaining how I have a website and that is where I create content on online marketing.

The options to be able to earn multiple streams of income straight away.

How I research things on the internet for free and put them in my own words in a blog.

By now, many of my friends have their phone out and started to play candy crush!

People see it all as too difficult, although they have been to collage and done a 3-year apprenticeship to learn the trade they are into.

I suppose they think that is in now, I just sit back and do my job. How wrong can they be?

In any career online or offline, the world is evolving and there is always something new to learn.

At the end of the day its good they not everyone is interested in becoming an affiliate marketer.

Who would cut our hair?

Who would build out houses?

Something for Nothing!

Everyone has their own way in life and it takes different experiences in life to find out where you want to go.

Hard work is not for some people; also, some people need the security of a pay cheque every week.

In addition, these people will be in exactly the same position year after year.

Wishing for things in life but not doing anything about it.

I know far too many of them kind of people.

You are here reading this, what kind of person are you?

You Never Get Something For Nothing Really

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