Side Hustles You Can Do In 2022

With the endless opportunities for side hustles you can do in 2022 – Here are some ideas.

Online your options are endless, I really do believe this.

There is a market for everything. I recently found out you can even stud out your tortoise and get paid to do so.


So here I am going to tell you about some side hustles you could start to make some extra income.


Snapchat spotlight

Any video on snapchat can go viral, and you can get paid for it too.

You can do this from any age and make a good amount of money.

You don’t even have to post your own content, just post simple videos with a trending sound.

There are some creators on snapchat making 100k a month just for posting videos.


Pressure Washing

Weather it be cars, drives or caravans. Everyone likes things to be clean, and they will pay you for that.

You can get a good pressure washer for around £200 and use it to wash anything you want to get paid.

There are people getting paid $20 a car, £50 a driveway and £100 a caravan.

The potential to scale this business is also endless in regards to how many pressure washers you have and employees.


Task Rabbit

People all over the world have busy lives, so what better than someone to do some of those jobs for you.

Lets say someone goes to ikea and buys a load of furniture. We all know flatpack furniture can be a nightmare. But if that’s something  your good at, you can get paid to do it.

Also if you’re a tradesman and your looking to make some extra money for some simple jobs, which you have the tools for already – Task Rabbit is a good idea to get started with.


side hustle

Tic Tok

This app is getting more and more popular to make a side hustle on every day.

Not only can you grow a brand around any niche, but your can sign up to become a seller of the tik toc shop.

Then make short form videos on a product and get a cut of each one sold.

It can only take one of your videos to blow up and go viral for you to start to make some serious money.

Having  a tic tok account that is able to reach a huge numbers of followers every day can give you endless amounts of options

  • Brand deals
  • E com shop
  • Only fans
  • Affiliate commissions
  • Etc…


Walking Dogs

I personally know so many people who have a dog, but don’t have time to take it out for a walk as much as they should.

There is an app called Rover where you can take peoples dog for a walk for a price, you can even offer to take care of peoples dogs when they are on holiday.

Side Hustles You Can Do In 2022

I have used this app myself and found a young girl who looked after my dog when I went away, it was so much better than putting him in kennels.

The young girl was into her running and that was perfect for my springer.

This is perfect side hustle you can do in 2022 summer time.


The only way to have a successful side hustle you can do in 2022 – is to give it a go 


Real estate photography

If you have a decent camera, you can be paid by real estates or in the UK estate agents to take photos of a property.

I recommend watching a few you tube videos for some good tips before doing this.

The better your photos are the more people and estate agents you will meet.

Just for taking photos of empty property’s.


Uber Eats

You must know how many places are signing up to Uber eats lately – well they always need drivers to deliver their food.

All you need to do is download the app and sign up to be a delivery driver.

You can pick and choose the hours you work and do as much work as you like.

So this could be an addition to your fulltime job elsewhere.


Crypto Currencies

If you have money in a savings account and realize, your not getting much interest on your money.

Invest it. This will take some research into what currencies to buy or trade but as someone who bought bitcoin in 2017.

Crypto currencies has been a great investment for me.

There are so many options with crypto too, and when to go down the rabbit hole of crypto there’s a platform called yield nodes.

You should defiantly check out this video YIELD NODES.


Amazon Drop shipping

This is a popular side hustle for people who want to buy items from China, advertise them in a shop on amazon and sell them for a profit.

You can make some good money drop shipping when done correctly.

The only problem is you need a good relation with the company your buying the products from. If the product gets sent out late or doesn’t turn up – your shop can get shut down.


Mowing lawns

This is probably one of the most common side hustles people start. Because it so easy to mow a lawn.

You can expand on this with trimming hedges and weeding flower beds too.

In every area of the world there are people with a garden and not enough time to maintain it.

This is where you come in and keep the garden looking neat and tidy with repeat customers once you get to know them.


Affiliate marketing

This is where a business will pay you a percentage sale you refer to their company.

Hugely popular in the online space with so many people doing it wrong.

Products can rage from $1 to $10,000 sales, which you get a commission from every one.

The options with affiliate marketing are endless

  • Blogging
  • Podcast
  • You Tube
  • Social media post


All of these strategy’s work and people are making some serious money from it online.

This book will show you how to get started.

side hustle - affiliate marketing

You Tube

If you have a hobby or an interest your good at, to be honest you don’t even have to be good at it.

I have a You Tube channel where I started to upload videos from my days out at a motocross track. That channel was monetized and now pays me every month.


Google own YouTube who is the biggest search engine in the world. If you have a you tube channel, your videos will automatically  comes up when someone searches that topic.


There are 1000s of people making a full time income from creating videos you tube, there are also 1000s of people who don’t make a penny.

I will leave a link to some training on how to be successful on you tube in 2022.



Being and Uber driver you need a car with a driving license.

I see Uber replacing the taxi service in the future. You can pick the hours you works and again, work as much as you want.

Its not like you have to live in a busy city too, Ubers are becoming more and more popular all over the world.


Online Surveys

These can be done anywhere at anytime. You typically don’t make a lot of money from online surveys and get bombarded with emails when you use your email to sign up.

This will always be a Side Hustles You Can Do In 2022 – never a full time job. 

But its still a way to make some extra income online – so I didn’t want to miss it out.



On fiver you can sell any skills you have. Like playing the guitar to editing videos.

I use fiver for people to transcribe my podcasts to use them as a blog.

You should check out fiver to see what tasks you can get done for you, sometimes for as little as $5.


Flipping Products is one of the best Side Hustles You Can Do In 2022

This is one I love. You get a buzz from buying something for a low price and then selling it for a profit. I did this a while go with motorbikes.

Each bike I bought I made at least 50% on.

Flipping products side hustle you can do in 2022

Also you can do this with literally anything. Clothes, furniture, phones.

Some of the bikes I bought, all they needed was a clean and some better photos. I put them back in the marketplace the same day and sold it.


Some of these side hustles I have personally tried out. If I have you can be sure to find me talk about them in another podcast – so be sure to check out the other blogs to see how I got on.


Until next time?




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