Save My Business & Move Online In 2021

Lets be honest! 2020 has not been a great year for many brick and mortar business. This is why you need to learn how to ………

Save My Business & Move Online In 2021


In 2020 the current situation of many business have suffered temporary closures and restriction’s to how they can operate.

As a customer I have attempted to visit a shop, but been put off due to many reasons – The shop is closed

  • The shop is closed
  • The que outside is huge
  • limited stock

I  have been put off even attempting to venture back out to go shopping to avoid the disappointment all over again.

Business Suffer and Loses Customers

Although it may seem that there is not much you can do to avoid the way the customers see your business, there is a way to keep the customers coming back.

Adapting to Online

One of the things that hasn’t been effected by the restrictions is an internet company.

The internet is a 24/7 shopping centre where many business are turning to, in order to survive in the current climate.

Not only has shopping on the internet boomed over the years, but it has exploded in 2020 with everyone turning to online shopping. 

Some people assume that because their business is a brick and mortar type of business, then it not possible to adapt to online.


ANY Business CAN Utilise the Power Of The Internet!

If you run a business and it has customers, then you can use the internet to interact with your customers to keep them informed that your still trading.

You can keep your customers updated to how you are growing your business by keeping in touch with them.

For Example:

Your restaurant was closed for 6 weeks for refurbishment. You could show the progress of the work going on and build up excitement to the new opening.


Without customers, you don’t have a business, so to help your customers to continue to know, like and trust you and your brand you need to keep showing up.


How To Keep Customers Informed

In order to Save My Business & Move Online In 2021 you will need to capture some details. 

How many times have you been into a store and they have asked if you would like the receipt emailed to you?

This is a great opportunity to get the customers email and ad it to your list.

Having an email list of existing clients will enable you not only to stay in contact to when you are open or closed but to send out the latest offers or promotions you have going on.

These can all be collected with a software called get response. This software will collect each customers and once inside get response the options are endless.

Setting Up Autoresponders

Within get response you are able to seclude automatic email to be sent out whenever you like. 

  • Christmas Cards
  • Special Offers
  • Sales

You can even send out a map of how to find your store to new customers.

By keeping in contact with your customers it will show how much you value their business, in return they will come back again and again. 

There is a video on how to set up get response here –

Collecting Email With A Sales Funnel

Sending the customer a receipt to their email is just one way of collecting the email address.

The leading internet company’s use a sales funnels to collect a customers email and add them to their list.

By using a sales funnel you can use them to advertise across the internet and on social media, then by collecting a new customers it enables you to promote your business via emails.

The software used to create a sales funnels is Clickfunnels, this software is very simple to use.Save My Business & Move Online In 2021

Without having to learn coding or web design, clickfunnels allows you to create amazing landing pages for your business.

The funnel software can be integrated with get response so they work together for your business. 

All you will need to do next is direct your potential customers to the landing page on clickfunnels.

Take a look at the landing page which also leads to a thank you page.

Funnel Software


If you like to keep things nice and easy – well even more easy then click funnels itself, then I will share the exact funnel in the example with you here – 

Funnel Example For Myself

Using this template, all you will need to do is add your own business details with a few simple edits and begin to get customers on your list.

Click funnels is fast becoming one of the largest companies in the world within the online world. Not everyone understands a sales funnel, but the one who do are using funnels to grow their online business to some fantastic levels.


Conclusions to Save My Business & Move Online In 2021

If you have been wondering how can I save my struggling business? I hope this has answered your question and given you great ideas on how to go forward.

You can go under like the rest or fight to save your small business. Because when everyone else is closing their doors the customers in your market are going to start looking for you.


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