Sales Funnels 101 The Best For Internet Marketing in 2020

Sales Funnels 101 The Best For Internet Marketing in 2020

Here I am going to explain why Sales Funnels 101 The Best For Internet Marketing in 2020.

The internet is filled with people talking about sales funnels, How they can replace your website and how using a sales funnel can boost your product sales in your business.

What Are Sales Funnels?

A funnel is a sequence of steps for the customer to go through. Where it provides value of the product of offer.

Each step is able to educate the customer on the product on offer.

A typical sales funnel could have a number of steps –

  1. An introduction to your business, explaining how you are qualified to be able to provide details on the product.
  2. Show the actual product in action, how it benefits the customer.
  3. The sales page where the customer can input there details
  4. Upsell – An extra product the compliments the original product
  5. Downsell – A cheaper option the the upsell.

Sales Funnels 101 The Best For Internet Marketing in 2020

Of course these sales funnel stages can be different in every funnel. But the main objective is to give as much valuable information as possible to make sure the product is right for the customer.

Then where it is a good solution to there problem – The only option left is to buy.


How Do Sales Funnels Work?

The working parts of a sales funnels first objective is to collect the customers email.

When the customer fills out the email address it can be added to your auto responder.

The autoresponder will be able to send out newsletters and other valuable information to the customer.

If you think of when you buy something online.

You input your email address to be able to get confirmation of your purchase.

After you receive the current purchase you are offered similar products and products on offer from that company via email.

Some of the emails can be a pain and fill your inbox with rubbish – but if your anything like me you will have a quick look through for any items on offer. – Everyone likes a bargin.


Are Sales Funnels Effective?

Its a common proven statistic that using sales funnels for your business can boost your sales rapidly.

For example –

When a customer visits a website they have to click through a lot of things in order to find the product they are looking for, then when they do – They then look into the spec to see if it will solve the problem they have.

And of course the next step is to click on the photos to zoom in to make sure it will suit your needs.

After all that – The customer may carry on and purchase the item or add it to their basket, where they need to then find the checkout!

I am speaking from experience when I say sometimes – I just give up!

One wrong click and it easy to be lost, So……..  back to the beginning to having to find the product once again!

Now on the other hand – with a sales funnel you are greeted straight away with the information you have been looking for.

All you need to do is carry on through the funnel to find out more and then finally hit the sales page. 

Then to make things even better! There are other options to upgrade your product if you wish.

Everyone’s happy. This is why sales funnels work ?


What Is A Sales Funnel Builder?

Today on the market there are a number for different sales funnel software builders.

I have tried and tested quite a few of them, and with any popular product you have the the best to the ones that are a complete waste of time.

I use Clickfunnels to build my funnels for many reasons


  1. The affiliate network
  2. No coding
  3. Products on offer
  4. Training on Offer

Clickfunnels have an amazing 30 day challenge for any beginner building their first funnel. 

Where its  taught how to build funnels and so many other qualities that will come in very useful when working online.

Sales Funnels 101 The Best For Internet Marketing in 2020


Here are some sales funnel examples

Sales Funnel Quiz          Video 1st Step Funnel          Sales Page Step

Sales Funnel Quiz – This one is just showing off, with a funnel you can even create a quiz to direct to customer through.
Video 1st Step Funnel – Having a video as the first step can capture the customers attention straight away.
Sales Page Step – Here is an example of a sales page where the customer will input their details for the purchase of the product.

Sales Funnel Template

I know how tricky it can be to set up your first funnel. 

Even when I had been building funnels for a year, I still didn’t know half the great things you are able to do and add to your pages.

Click here to download the template direct to your funnel account – 

Sales Funnel Template

Sales Funnels 101 The Best For Internet Marketing in 2020

Why Sales Funnels?

This is a question asked by people who don’t see the need of a funnel.
Sales 101
Sales funnels are one of those things that are inevitable, They are the future of online sales.
If you don’t see the need for them in your business, then I’m afraid your going to be left behind.
The amount of sales funnel builders on the market should show you how popular they are becoming.
Also I dare to say that you have been through a sales funnel in the past and never even known.

How To Build Sales Funnels

In order to create a successful sales funnel  a software is needed, there are plenty on the market for PC and MAC.

I am a huge fan of Clickfunnels for a number of reasons, you can check click funnels out HERE.

The more you look into sales funnels the more you will understand how do sales funnels work.

Who Invented Sales Funnel?

Would you believe me if I told you that sales funnels are over 100 years old?

Well in a round about way of course, the internet hasn’t been around for 100 years!

In 1898 Elmo Lewis developed a model that mapped a theoretical customer journey from the moment a brand or product attracted consumer attention to the point of action or purchase.
Elmo Lewis idea if the AIDA model, which is an acronym of 
  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action
That’s an interesting fast that not a lot of people know. It just goes to show that you don’t have to have your own idea.
Just evolve on someone else’s proven successful ideas using Sales Funnels 101 The Best For Internet Marketing in 2020.
Talking of successful ideas the creator of the Ultimate funnel has written a book on how he used affiliate marketing and funnels to generate over 10 million dollars online.Sales funnel 101
And hes giving it away here – THE ICEBERG EFFECT   
That’s the Sales Funnels 101 The Best For Internet Marketing in 2020 lowdown.
If you have any questions or comment please feel free to leave them below ?
Sales Funnels 101 The Best For Internet Marketing in 2020

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