Sales Funnel BluePrint 2020 – How To Create a Funnel

The Sales Funnel BluePrint

The complete Sales Funnel BluePrint 2020 – How To Create a Funnel

The Internet marketing business had evolved throughout years.

If you are in this business long enough, you are one of those to witness the changes in the past decade.

From the beginning, the Internet marketer will only offer one product to the buyers.

Moving on, today, we have a sales funnel, with a sales funnel blueprint.

sales funnel blueprint


Why A Sales Funnel?

The evolution of Internet marketing had changed from selling only one product to the model today, which I am going to further explain.

The first reason why Internet marketers need Sales Funnel BluePrint 2020 is because relying on only one product isn’t enough anymore.

Besides, we all want to go further than that, don‟t we?


In the past few years, Internet marketers used to sell only one product with higher price and still can make money

However, the competition of the Internet business is getting tougher and tougher in recent times.

Hence, hereby they had created the latest marketing model today by adding more products and structuring what is known as now as the Sales Funnel.

The Sales Funnel Formula – Sales Funnel BluePrint 2020

After knowing why you need to implement the sales funnel in your business, it is time to understand the sales funnel concept.

Here is the formula.

Sales Funnel BluePrint 2020


How To Create an Irresistible FrontEnd Offer

As you already know that the front-end product will be your frontline product.

It is important to make your front-end irresistible.

The frontend offer has the most important role among the others in the sales funnel, because it is going to get people in and get the ball to roll in the sales funnel.

Without an irresistible front-end offer that opens the loop, no matter how great your Upsell offer is, or how great your Backend offer is, people is not going to see it.

So, it is really important to make sure they get your front-end offer.

How to Make your offer Irresistible

I am going to tell you one last thing that you can make your front-end offer that people would do whatever it takes to get.

The only answer is to offer bonuses with your front-end.


I want you to imagine that you are the customer now.

There are two offers to you, same offer of lead generation video course with the same price, but one with bonuses and another one without, which one would you choose?


Obviously, you‟d choose the first one with bonuses, right? You can make them in the form of checklist, mind map, or guidebook. And compile it together in your front-end offer sales page.


How to Create a High Converting Upsell

Moving on to the next element in the Sales Funnel BluePrint 2020 – How To Create a Funnel – Upsell.

Upsell offer happens right after the front-end offer. Hence, Upsell relates closely to the front-end.

Upsells are your main source of revenue. That is why you must have a high converting Upsell that will bring you large amount of revenue.

Upsell could be the core of the whole sales funnel. Take note of everything that is important. You‟ll love it if you can master the skill to create a high converting Upsell.

This would be the best part of the sales funnel.

You do not have to wait for the revenue to come in down the road.

It comes almost immediately with the implementation of Upsell in your sales funnel.



Upsell is an immediate offer to the buyers once they’ve completed their purchase from your front-end offer. Of course, if they didn‟t buy your front-end product, they will not buy the Upsell as well.


How to Create a 2nd And 3rd Upsell

We‟re going to learn how to reap as much profit as we can from a sales funnel, which is by including a 2nd and 3rd Upsell into the Sales Funnel.

This is a bold move.

Having too many Upsells can upset a customer. They will feel annoyed as you bring them through a seemingly endless sales loop.

This is why having a 2nd and 3rd Upsell requires method to the art

A few entrepreneurs tried it and it proved to be a great success.

Now, it‟s becoming more and more common.

Many more are attracted to this method because of its huge impact.

It‟s important to note that you can‟t do a 2nd and 3rd Upsell willy-nilly.

You need organization and proper planning.

If you fail, you‟ll lose a whole lot of customers.

If you succeed, there‟s big profit to be made.

How to Create a Big-Ticket Backend

How do we know that a Sales Funnel is complete?

Is it at the Upsell or down-sell? Or, after we‟ve offered a 2nd and 3rd Upsell, is that the end?

The answer is, well, yes and no.


Having 2nd and 3rd Upsell is stretching it.

We can make big profits from those two Upsells.

And with down-sells, we’ve rescued a few sales that would’ve gone to waste.

So, these Upsells and down-sells are elements that complete the sales funnel.

Now, can we go even further than the last Upsell or down-sell? Of course, we can with Backend products.

Sales Funnel BluePrint 2020 – How To Create a Funnel

Here with this blog we have skimmed over the top of sales funnels.

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