Passive Income – A True Example

Passive Income – A True Example

Online there are 1000s of methods showing you how to create a passive income.

The true definition of passive is where you don’t have to do anything. You can sit back and watch your income increase.

Many of these methods taught online are not really passive. They require constant work and support to customers.

Over 4 years of working online and building a business, I have never see a true passive income strategy – until now.

Yield Nodes – The Future Of Passive Has Begun


What is a node? And how can I set one up?

I node is a server that runs a lot of the blockchains out there, Highly complicated to set up.
You can get paid in crypto to set up these nodes and run them.

Where would you start with setting up a node??
How would you learn, how to do it – above all – How much is this going to cost me?

I’m going to answer all 3 questions with one answer – Yield nodes.

Passive Income

Yield nodes is a platform that sets up nodes with your money and give you 85% of what the nodes generate.

Since 2019 Yield nodes has paid out 10% a month on a persons initial investment.

Having been around since October 2019, its safe to say Yield Nodes is very well established.

*always remember this is crypto after all, it doesn’t come with risks – however slim.

So don’t go putting you life savings in if you cant afford to lose it.

However if you would like a 10% return on investment – This is how to set it up.

Setting Up A Passive Income

First step – Set up an account

There is a link down below, it is a affiliate link to yield nodes.

Once you have set up an account you will come to the dashboard

Master node – This is the balance that is actively invested in nodes and making you money.
Withdrawable – This is money that you have made and are able to withdraw.
Total ROI – This is the money that you have made .

You will need to deposit funds into yield nodes in order to get the ball rolling.
There are 2 ways to do this Bitcoin or tether – on the tron network

The easiest way is to do it with bitcoin

We are going to send bitcoin to the yield nodes account, if you don’t hold any bitcoin, there is another video HERE on how to buy bitcoin with a coin base account.


Then from your coin base account you want to send bitcoin to yield nodes.

From your Coinbase account go to settings and click on your profile.

Then go to payment methods, add funds to your account via PayPal or bank account.

This may take a few days for Coinbase to verify your account and your deposit.

Then once you have funds in your Coinbase account


Out of all the different crypto coins – you want to buy bitcoin.

Again you can buy bitcoin with PayPal.

Once you have bought some bitcoin you need to go to assets

On bitcoin – click SEND. You want to send bitcoin to your yield nodes account.

So from the yield nodes account in the deposit option – select bitcoin.

Click on generate bitcoin address
Copy that address and go back over to Coinbase.

On bitcoin, click on send/receive

Paste the address you just copied and send by clicking continue.

The transaction will take around 30 minutes to go through and show up in the yield nodes account.


Passive Income


Once it shows up in your yield nodes account it will show up as unconfirmed or pending in the deposit history.
It may take around 24 hours for the deposit to be approved by yield nodes, where they will send you an email.

In the deposit history it will change its status to idle.

This is for yield nodes to go out and invest your money into node projects, this typically takes 7 days.

For 7 days your deposit will be showing up in the main dashboard as pending. After the 7 days is up it will move to the master nodes column.
This means that your money – is making money.

How Long Is The Investment?

You initial deposit has a 6 month release date. You are investing that money for 6 months in the yield nodes project.

After 6 months you are able to withdraw you initial deposit.
But during that 6 months you are able to withdraw the money made with your deposit, you just cant withdraw the amount you deposited for 6 months.

There is an option to do an emergency withdrawal which comes with a 25% fee, the reason for that is that yield nodes will need to remove your funds from the node and yield nodes will lose money in the process of doing that.

This is a feature that other node projects don’t have. Normally you lock you money in for 6 months and there is no way of getting you money out. Credit to yield nodes for this.

How Often Will You Receive Passive Income?

Yield nodes will pay out every month. Money will show up in your dashboard as a withdrawable amount.

This is where you can take the profit from your deposit, but what I recommend is to compound that money.

On an average, people who have compounded there investment over 2 years have made 200% per year on their money.

This is down to you weather you would like to compound or not.

I would recommend withdrawing the profits until you have matched your initial investment – then keep compounding the profit at no risk at all.

How to withdraw From Yield Nodes.

In the yield nodes dashboard – the deposit section.

When you have money that is withdrawable.

You can take that money and choose how much you would like to put back in to your master node balance, and compound the profits.

There is also an option to auto compound your profits to go straight back into the master nodes balance. So you can leave it and let it all run on auto.


Withdrawing Your Passive Income From Yield Nodes

If you would like to withdraw the money to another account you are able to do the same thing in reverse to what you did when making a deposit.

Go to Coinbase and click on bitcoin – click on receive this time to get an address to send the money from yield nodes to.

Add the address you got from Coinbase to the withdraw menu n yield nodes. Then you will be able to click withdraw.

Note to remember, yield nodes only do withdraws once a month. You have to make a request to withdraw on the 1st to the 15th of each month, then the next month is when the withdrawal will be paid out.

This is due to Yield nodes having all the money working for them and they need to know how much to withdraw and how much to reinvest in the nodes.

Another this to remember is that yield nodes don’t allow withdrawals unless you have filled out the KYC documents.

This is where you need to sign an agreement, proof of address and identity to prove you know what your getting into.

That’s it – you put you money in yield nodes and let it grow. The history of the yield nodes platform since 2019 has produced some amazing ROI for lots of people already.

This is just one option to help toward breaking the chains to your 9 to 5, or to be honest, it could be a side income where you don’t have to do anything.

If your looking for other ways to break the chains from your 9 to 5 and earn money online, check out the other videos on this channel.



Your all set up to earn a passive income from yield nodes.

All you need to do now is take the time to go through and set it all up.

There is a video explaining in detail just what you need to do step by step HERE.


I would love to hear from you when you have set up your account and how your investment is getting on.

How get involved in yield nodes

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