Outside Influence – How It Effects You

There are Outside Influences That Hold Us Back


You may not think there are There are Outside Influence That Hold you Back, but they may be right in front of you and you just cant see them.

Taking a risk to change career after becoming respected in your current profession?

After building a successful business and it getting better and bigger?

To start at the bottom again and learn something new?

Is it stupid?

  • Why even bother?
  • What would everyone say?
  • What would they think?

These thoughts went trough my head, to be honest they still pop up from time to time. I was known as an electrician, and a good one at that earning a good amount of money and having plenty of nice things to show for it.

What Can You Earn As An Electrician?

The average electrician can make around 40k a year in the UK, and to be honest I was working for myself and made more then that.

But I worked really hard, with callouts and jumping to every opportunity to work at all hours.

Outside Influence - How It Effects You


This was all I knew – Work hard and you will reap the benefits in the form of money.


I never considered that I had no time to spend that money on enjoying my life. I was too busy working all the time.

That’s was until one day I applied for a mortgage for a new house. With 100k to put down that still wasn’t enough.

I didn’t earn enough, or so I was told by the bank.

I had to make a decision. Work even harder for 3 years and do just what the system wanted me to do by paying more tax and having even less time to live my life.




Look for another way to make more money and be on the other side of the banks where they will be queuing up to lend you money.

Both were not easy choices, both would require me to work hard in order to get to where I wanted to be.

The only thing is being an electrician and expanding the business would mean I needed employees.

Take on bigger contracts in order to make more money – only to pay more tax.

I was stressed enough with what I was doing already. With working a lot longer hours than 9 to 5 and spending most of the day on and off the phone.


What About The Outside Influences

But everyone would look at me as successful, everyone who know me, family and friends would see me so busy with all these jobs and customers.

Starting something from scratch would mean I was a nobody. I would know nothing and have to learn so many new skills to be able to build up a reputation in a new industry.

As I’m here now telling you this – I took a chance on myself and started right back at square one.

I now call myself a podcaster and online marketer.


Even though many friends and family attempt to make fun – saying “Ben Can I Break the Chains?”

I assume expecting me to get embarrassed of everything I put out there online – but I go into talk mode and try to explain it all, until they eventually fall asleep.

These are my family and friends (my outside influence) and I love them whatever.

Even though they may not understand the reasons behind the things I do.

That’s ok, I have a 15 year old niece who, I’m pretty confident she will be getting top grades in her exams – am I jealous?

Hell Yeah!!!!

Everyone in my family did better than me in school, but I’m didn’t want to go back and do it all again.

My niece is going to get amazing results, She has always been super clever, I’m so proud of her an her uncle already.

I’m excited to see where her life takes her – she can do anything she wants.


Maybe never even have a 9 to 5 job to break the chains from like so many other young entrepreneurs these days.


That’s the brilliant thing, she has choices. Weather to do something of her own or work for someone else.


Ignore The  Outside Influence


There is NO right and wrong way about living your life. The exciting part is living it and making changes as you go along.

It may be that you may work at a school educating young children in the first stages of education, think in 10 years time when you see that child graduate from collage.

You helped them get there.


You may run your own business as an electrician, then when you drive past a house and the outside lights look beautiful – you can say I did that.

I actually used to do that.


If I could go back to when I was 15 now.

I would of choose an online career, it would have been completely different from this one as I wouldn’t have gained the experiences in life that I have today.

But I didn’t know it was an option back then.


So many people don’t know its an option now.

Aldo get put off from looking for other opportunities because of outside influence.

This is why I’m here – to tell you there is another way.

9 to 5 is a great way to earn a living but not the only way.

I have a friend who has written a short book on his challenges to change from a 9 to 5 job to an online career.


We share a lot of the same opinions, if you do too, then you should check it out.

Free Book

Above all – Live your life, we are only here once? 





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