Is Money Going To Buy You Happiness?

What do you value more. Money or Happiness?

Being successful in the pursuit of happiness  is 10 x better then being rich you must agree.

So many people all over the world want as much money as they can in the pursuit of happiness.


MONEY is not the answer.

There is an unlimited amount of money supply in the world waiting to be spent.

Having happiness in your life is something you need to work on.


In order to be a happy person you need to understand what your aiming for. This blog will help you figure that one out.

Is Money Going To Buy You Happiness?


Money! We want it, all of it, as much as we can get of it!

Billions and trillions, so much we don’t know what to do with.


With money we can buy happiness, then I will be able to relax and enjoy myself.

So we spend our lives aiming towards that goal of so much money we don’t know what to do with.

Is that a good way to be? 


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So how much money is enough money for you?

I have asked this question to so many people and they just pick a number out of fresh air.


  • A million pound
  • 10k a month

The most common answers, and that’s what their aiming for.


The thing is the majority of people don’t get there, whatever course, opportunity or get rich quick idea they get involved with.


I have been there myself.

The promise of being able to make 1000s of pounds in the matter of a few months, all you need to do is invest in yourself 5k and it going to happen. 100% guarantee.

The only thing is there no time limit.?


Then if you struggle – of course its because you need this other course, that’s another 1000 pound.


Until you have invested so much money in the dream of becoming rich, there no other path but to keep pumping money into it.


If you quit. Not only will you be told you’re a failure, but how much of that money is wasted? what will everyone say?


So you convince yourself of the dream and its going to happen.

Until one day you die, and you still tell yourself you tried.


I’m Not The Only One In Pursuit Of Happiness

I only know this so well because of my personal experience.


Everything can be turned into a business – I don’t doubt that.


But paying a fortune for someone to tell you your doing well and calling themselves a mentor, when in reality – your not actually making any money.


I have seen this so many times, online and offline with people growing a business.

Money or Happiness.


You Need To Find Your Own Happiness


Maybe take a step back and take a look at whet your doing from the outside of what your doing.


For example:


If your trying to grow an electrical business, but you have no work or no customers.


What are you doing wrong? Don’t convince yourself that business will pick up one day, that day will never come with that attitude.


You may have no customers because nobody knows you exist, so along with being highly qualified as an electrician. You may need to learn some skills on how to market your business.


It may be the case that you have had plenty of work, but the other customers aren’t recommending you. What impression did you leave on that customer?


You may need to learn some customer relations skills.


When I say learn new skills – these things cant really be taught in a one fits all training course for £500.


If You Don’t Try You will Never Know


The best way to find out if something works is to give it a go.

Do you know the best way to learn something new??? Fail at it.

Its not even that hard to figure out, think about when you learnt to ride a bike.


I bet you fell off a few times before you were able to pedal round the streets no handed.

That’s just what we need to do in all aspects of life.


Give things a go and don’t be afraid to fail.


So many amazing people from past and present have only become so successful because they tried.

They tried and failed.

Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb did just put it together over the weekend.


There were plenty of failures along the way, we would be sitting in darkness now if he gave up.


It’s the belief that money proves to you that your successful.


Look at me I have 6 cars and a big house. I employ a person to post it all over social media because I don’t actually have time myself.


I’m too busy working 18 hours a day to be able to keep all these material things that make me look successful.


These material things I value so much more than being able to live my life.


So many people spend their lives buying material things to look good in front of people who don’t actually care.


Have you ever taken some time to sit down and figure out what you actually want out of life?

  • What type of house?
  • What type of car?
  • Where you want to live?


Then put a cost next to it. I did.


Then discovered if I had a million pound I could live that life for 10 years if I did nothing else.


Lets be honest who just sits around doing noting for 10 years?


I hope nobody answered “I do” to that?

If you did you’re a lazy git.?



Inside the Break the Chains community there is a free download to help you figure out how much money you need to live your life of your dreams.



Be generous too and work out that you have the heating on full wack all year round.

You eat the best foods and go on the most luxurious holidays.

Then calculate how much you need to make to live that life.


This will give you something to aim for.

A goal to reach instead of just saying I want a million pound a year.

Check out the guide here 


I think you may be surprised how close you actually are.










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