5 Ways To Make Extra Supply Money As A Tradesman

Some Extra Money Would Be Good Right NOW


Everyone is feeling the pinch right now all over the world. Some extra money supply would be welcome.

For the people who do still have a job, they need to make more money.

There are a few ways that you can increase your money supply in your current position.

With some simple ideas that you probably never even thought of right under your nose.

I am about to tell you 5 simple ideas.

make more money

You can do today that can put some extra money supply in your pocket straight away.




These 5 ways to make some extra cash are aimed as Tradesman or for you guys over in the US, Blue collar workers.

I don’t know why you call it that – Blue collar and white collar?


Blue collar is basically you guys who do the manual labour – I’m dam sure your collar isn’t blue at the end of the day – probably black from all the hard work!

However, the 5 ways may be aimed at the workmen of the world – they could still work for anyone and everyone too.


Number 1 – Ask For More

It’s as simple as putting your prices up or just go to your boss and ask for more.


Working in the trade you under value yourself a bit, because the skills you have are easy for you.

When you do a small job you may charge $100.


When if the customer got the next door neighbour  to come take a look, they would have been there all day and even made things worse.


We have all done it, gone to a job where the customer has had a go themselves first and made things 10 x worse.


Something I started to do before I quit being an electrician, was telling the customer the cost of the materials – then asking them how much the job was worth to them?


At first they said I don’t know, but I explained in a professional way what I had done which really confused them, I didn’t just make electric come on.

It was wired safely with the correct size cable, protected by the correct size fuse fitted with an LED lamp to save energy.


Every time I did this, the customer paid me more than I would have charged. I was massively undervaluing myself.


Ask for more money – your worth it!


Number 2 – Extra Money Supply From Things You Already Have 

Being a tradesman you understand the value of quality.

Those drills you buy for $100 that wouldn’t dill a hole in butter are useless!

They may be good for putting your Ikea furniture together.

However when you want to drill a hole in something hard they burn out straight away.


People know this and because they also know that you have spent 1000’s of pounds on proper tools to get the job done, they ask to use your kit.


Rent it out! You have spent a small fortune on building up the kit for the job so make it pay when lending it out.

It may be a friend who is also in the same trade or a family member.

They can either pay you to use your kits or go and buy one for 10x as much.


Sometimes that person will actually ask you to do the job for them too, so that more work for you.

That’s a double win.

Not only will this  give you extra money supply with the tools you already have, it will stop the freebie seekers barrowing your kit and never giving it back.


Number 3 – Create A You Tube Channel 

This one can not only pay you, it can be fun too.

Create a you tube channel or short form videos.

People are actually interested in what tradesmen get up to day to day and how they do their jobs.

You must have see tradesmen all over the internet playing practical jokes on each other, or making fun of rubbish work.

They get some good views all over the world.

That’s what many social media platforms pay you for – views.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tic Tok
  • YouTube
  • Snap Chat

All of them you can make money from for posting 60 second videos all day.


I know this first hand, I ride motocross bikes with a go pro on my head. Then put them on you tube for all the other lads to see.

A couple of years later you tube started to pay me for uploading them.


The tick is to do videos that you enjoy doing.

So many people copy what’s already out there online, becoming second best.

Nothing wrong with that, but being first is always better.

So be creative and get some videos out on social media, I did some training on how you can create one sixty second video and publish on six platforms.


Every social media platform has different algorithms, so a video on Facebook may get 1k views where on Tik Tok it will get 2. This happens to me a lot.


Number 4 – Use A Credit Card That Pays You

As a tradesman running your own business, you spend a fortune!

I used to spend over 10k a month at the wholesales for years. It wasn’t until the last few years I started to use a credit card.


I was given one at the age of 18 and maxed it out, I learnt my lesson back then and didn’t have one for years.

There is a credit card from amazon, for every £1000 you spend they give you £10 on your amazon account.

We are always using amazon to get something, a present at short notice usually.


How good would that be if when you used amazon everything was free.


You could even let it build up for the year and do all your Christmas shopping for free.

Then to take it a step further amazon will pay you for reviews on products you buy from amazon, just create a short video of the product you bought and upload it to the amazon influencer program and get paid again.


Number 5 – Plan Jobs For Other Tradesmen 

When you start a new job, you plan on what your going to do and how your going to do it, basically design the install.

As you know some tradesmen haven’t got a clue, and make it up as they go along only to mess the whole job up.

There are websites such as fiver and Upwork where you can provide a service to other tradesman to design the job for them.

If you’re an electrician –

  • Cable routes
  • Cable sizes
  • How many circuits
  • Things to check for the certificate


These things are small and easy, however there are so many tradesmen who mess them up.


How much would someone pay for a detailed plan from a drawing of what they needed to do.


The 5 Ways To Make Extra Money Supply All Have In Common


All these services are solving a problem for you or someone else.

Also when published on the internet, its helping people all over the world, not just in the town or city you live in.


I have so many ideas and guides inside my community on Facebook around creating a world wide business from the comfort of your own home.


You are welcome to come take a look inside.

5 Ways To Make Extra Supply Money As A Tradesman


I can wait to see you on the inside


Until next time.

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