Looking At the Reality Of Online Marketing

Have you ever took a step back and tried Looking At the Reality Of Online Marketing?


Day 1!

My youngest boy Tom went to the gym with his friends.

He is 14 years old with not an ounce of fat on him.

But with social media he wants to be “buff”

Going to the gym is a great idea.

But he wasn’t as strong as the other kids and complained about not being able to lift the heavy weights.

So we came up with a plan – 6am every morning me,Tom and the dog would go running.

Just down to the park and do some pull-ups on the goal posts – over time we the plan is to run further and do more.

Well day 2 comes and the snooze button we hit……

Looking At the Reality Of Online Marketing

Tom had school so he didn’t make it out the next morning – But this was no reason for me to not go.
Me having all the time in the world decided to go further and run across the field too.

7am in the morning there are not many people around, so when I saw a dog rocketing towards mine, it caught my eye straight away.

I have owed a dog most of my life, when a dogs tail is down and its in stealth mode – it means business.

This dog went for the neck of my dog Rocco.

Rocco is a 12 year old springer who I have trained over the years and has never hurt anyone, let alone had a fight with another dog.


He is a complete wimp.

I see RED!

Running over to pick Rocco off the ground I try to grab the other dog and hold it down.

The other do ran off and I see the owner come running out of the trees.

I belive that if your dog is not friendly – Keep it on a lead.

“Get that F&%King dog on a lead” I say

“if it tries that again, I will kill it”


Completely over the top I know, My dog is loved like one of the kids. I would protect him at whatever cost!

The owner comes running with the lead in his hands apologizing, telling me his dog had slipped the lead.

This guy was a 60 year old man, this was an honest mistake.

But I carry on with shouting “control your F%$king dog!”

I picked Rocco up and continued to walk off.


When I look back the owner of the other dog is struggling to catch it. It was a young dog who just wanted to play.

Instantly I regretted shouting.

A 6ft bloke shouting abuse at someone for a innocent mistake is not cool.


So I tied Rocco to a post and helped the owner of the other dog catch is excited dog.


I walked over with my hands held high and apologized for being a dick!

The older guy completely understood and said he would have done the same.
We had a chat about how his dog (Belle) was 12 months old and very energetic.

After getting the dog back on its lead, Belle was a lovely dog who never actually meant any harm.


She just wanted to play.?

This got me thinking about the many people I talk to every day online.

Some just spam me a link and say click on this.

I either ignore them or just go ahead and block that person.

Probably not the best reaction again.

This person has been sold into a dream where they have been told that you can make 5k from a $100 investment.

Strip is back to the bare bones, if this was really true it would be an international success and everyone in the world would be investing $100.

What is really is – A SCAM.

The thought of making 5k that easy is what gets people to invest $100 in the first place.


In order to get your 5k you’re told to spam the scam to everyone else.
It would be a better option to help the person spamming you the link to understand that.


After all that’s whats going to build your reputation, The fact that you helped.

This is what my main focus is, Helping people understand that its not easy making money online.

Its not as simple as throwing money at it, you need to invest your time also.

You could invest your time wisely listening to my podcast.

Packed with entrepreneurs who are either aiming to Break the Chains of their 9 to 5 or have already done just that.

Break The Chains Podcast

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