Left Hanging High And Dry?

Left Hanging High And Dry?

So lets say you have only just heard about affiliate marketing? Don’t get left hanging high and dry!

You reach out to a few people and ask questions on how it all works. You are interested but wan to know weather its something you can do yourself?

Making New Friends

Then you meet a person who explains everything to you and is able to show you what is possible with affiliate marketing.

How you can build your very own business and grow to become a successful affiliate marketer online in 2021.

So the natural thing is to ask for more information – So you get sent to a webinar where everything is explained in detail.

You get very excited! It looks like something you can get involved in but just want to know how?

Then you are presented with an opportunity to join a high ticket training program.

In that program, you have training on –

Everything you will ever need to be successful and actually be able to become an affiliate marketer online.

So you go through the training, and yes you come up with a few problems with setting everything up, but there is support for you to ask questions and get the problem sorted quite quickly.

You’re all set!

  • Sales funnel in place
  • Email autoresponder set up to build your very own list
  • Offers all in place for all the customers that you will encounter.
  • All you need is Traffic.

A week goes by and its not working, where is all the traffic?

So you leave a comment in the facebook group asking for help, and you have plenty of other students offering you support but with the same problem.

Then you reach out to the affiliate who you met and purchased the course from and find out they have only been in the program a few weeks too!

Where Do You Turn For Help?

You remember talking to another person who is doing very well and ask for their advice. Only to find out that the only reason they know what they are doing is because of the support they get from a different program they are in.

And you have invested over $2000 to be part of the high ticket affiliate network you are working with.

The next step is to reach out to the creator of the program and ask for help. After looking them up you find that they are working on another project completely separate to the program you are in.

They are too busy to actually help, the only advice they give is to ask in the group of people who are in the same position!

So you’re involved in a $2000 high ticket program, which is outdated and is getting you nowhere!

Left Hanging High And Dry?


Left Hanging High And Dry 

This happens a lot with working online. There are programs that come and go very quickly.

Or are around for a long time and taking a little while to eventually die.

It’s the feeling of being on a sinking ship and you are the only one plugging the holes.


I Have A Dream 

In an ideal scenario an high ticket affiliate marketing program should have the following:

A solid reputation with a background you can see where they came from and where they are now.

A proper explanation of how they came to be in the affiliate marketing space, not just an overnight success.

Within the training, I would love to have a basic idiots guide on what I will need to do to become successful, not just shown the affiliate links and be told to go and promote.

I would like the option of a quick start blueprint which will enable me to get my business up and running live so I can work on different areas as I learn.

An area where the training is constantly updated (as the internet moves so fast).

Options of different platforms which I could use to promote my business on all different social media platforms.

Not everyone uses facebook!

Whiles Im on that I would also like the option of training on paid advertising for the future in I choose to run paid ads.

If I was able to have promotional resources and images which I was able to use.

I don’t just want a high ticket offer! Customers don’t want to spend $2000 without knowing a little about the offer you have first, So low ticket items would be a benefit to everyone.

Just to be kept updated on whats happening with the program and reassurance that its going strong would be encouraging.

If I wanted help or was stuck, I would like a method in which I could contact support and not have to wait weeks for a reply.

Is that asking too much?

If I could actually see the creator every once in a while, So I know that they are not lapping it up on a jet ski on holiday whiles I’m struggling with things.

A proper mentor, someone who cares about the people who have invested into the program.

I don’t think that’s much to ask?

Then everyone could work together on building something amazing. Something different from the rest!

Something that everyone can use to become successful in affiliate marketing today.

We can only dream right.


This is where is all changes! Stop being Left Hanging High And Dry?

NO! Im telling you now with a hand on my heart – There is such program!

The creator has come from the bottom, in fact further than the bottom! ( If you read his book you will get what I mean)

You don’t have to believe me, Hell you may have only just met me!


Find out for yourself don’t leave it hanging  – Tell him Ben says hi .

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Dean Holland book

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