How To Start With Affiliate Marketing – What is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing as a business model is becoming very popular all over the world.

1000s of people are starting to become affiliates for many different businesses.

But after a while, quit because they don’t get the results promised.


Here I will explain WHY that is and where so many people are going wrong in affiliate marketing.


With an added bonus at the end so you can be one of the people who actually make money from affiliate marketing.?

The Podcast goes into more detail hereHow To Start With Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Online there are so many opportunities to enable you to be able to quit your 9 to 5 job, one of the easiest business models is affiliate marketing.


Done correct however.


Affiliate marketing is where you recommend somebody else’s product of service to an audience.

In return, the person who owns that product will pay you a commission.

These commission can be a set figure of anything between 10% – 90% depending on the product.

As the affiliate for that product, you don’t have to deal with returns of any of the customer support.


This is why affiliate marketing is so appealing.


Unfortunately, people enter into the world of affiliate marketing with very high expectations, then when they are not met – they quit.


Because of the opportunity to make so much money very quickly people are drawn towards shortcuts.


Shortcut To Affiliate Marketing

The biggest shortcut in affiliate marketing is high ticket.

How To Start With Affiliate Marketing – What is Affiliate Marketing.


This is where a person signed up to a training course at an average cost of 1k-10k and then have the option to be an affiliate for that training.


Its seen as a win win situation. You get the training on how affiliate marketing works and a product to sell as an affiliate.


This is where you jump in the training program for $5000.

The creator of the program gets $3000 and the person who told you about it gets $2000.


That’s you hooked, someone recommended it to you, so you could do the same right?


The training is all about how to become an affiliate for the training course you just invested in.


So every time you recommend that training to someone you get $2000.


The creator of the course has 100s of people doing this every day.

Each time making $3000 and paying the affiliates $2000.


The course has a number of recorded videos that the creator make a few years ago, they may add a new one every now and again.


But also you are invited to join a unique group on Facebook, where everyone who has invested 5k into the course can support each other.


Who Make The Most Money From The Training?

This is how I found out with research the truth!


With a program that’s been going for more than 3 years, lets say 36 months.


A group with 500 members. On average over a 12 month period there are 9 new members into the group a month.

Spending lets say 3k to join the training program.


The commission each person would be making a month is $18.


But lets say that its only 10 people out of the 500 having success.


That’s $900 a month.


However you look at it its not a lot of money in reality to really replace your 9 to 5.


There are a number of these high ticket training courses set up all over the world.


With the only person actually making money is The Creator.


So the next step to fix this and earn some good money is to become a coach yourself.


Becoming A Coach

Hang about, the course you invested in to begin with was all about affiliate marketing.


You need another course to teach you how to become a coach, so you sign up to that.

Then you also become an affiliate for the coaching program.


It all just becomes a huge mess leading you down a path that’s doomed to fail.


You quit your job only to find you have less time because now you are providing support to different students all over the world in different time zones.


So many people lose sight of just becoming an affiliate marketer, and get let into so many things to try and sell different products.


What is the answer? How do you become an affiliate marketer.


You make a plan and stick to it. There may be a few variations along the way, but always keep your goal in mind.


For gods sake don’t start with a  product! Just because you can sell it for 3k and make a good commission.

Even if you do get lucky and manage to sell 1 or 2, your going to struggle to maintain that income.


Think of something you enjoy.

Just because you can make a commission of 1k on a product, but your not actually really interested in the product yourself – wont work out.


Lets say you enjoy gardening.


It’s a common interest and many people all over the works do it to relax.

But if they are like me, just because I enjoy something – doesn’t mean I’m any good at it.


However because you enjoy it, you wont mind learning more and becoming better.


Lets say you do some research into what are actual plants and what are weeds on your garden, something you find interesting and want the answer to.


Create content around that subject.

  • A website
  • Podcast
  • YouTube
  • Blog

Anything to document what you’re learning and how your learning it.


Publish what your leaning on the internet. After a while you will build up a following.

People will start to follow what your doing and naturally want to know more.

  • Where do you get your seeds?
  • What type of spade do you use?
  • Where can I get a green house like yours?


This is where you can make money becoming an affiliate marketer.


With links in your content to different products and services.


The best thing is that the content you create is evergreen and available on the internet for the whole wide world to see forever.


This is also how you start with affiliate marketing for free.


Don’t get wrapped up in the buying a course to sell a course business model.


I do agree with the best way to learn is to learn from someone who has done it before, but becoming a high ticket affiliate marketer isn’t a long tern business model in my opinion.


If you share the same views on affiliate marketing and would like to know more ways to break the chains to your 9 to 5 career.

Join the Break the chains community Here


Packed with not only ideas how to make money online but with free video training on how to grow your brand and increase your following online.


The only way to know if you can do it is to give it a go.

You can become an affiliate marketer the right way for free.











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