How To Make More Money For A Brighter Future

When you were younger the future was exciting.

You had all your dreams to work towards, the future was so far away.

The big house, the fancy car with the 2.4 children…….

Just like in the movies.

What happened? Did it all not go to plan?

Of course it didn’t – life happened

Hang tight to the end of this, to kick start those dreams of when you were a kid.

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How To Make More Money For A Brighter Future

Remember the magazine max power?

All the pimped up cars with the half naked women all over them, and looking through that magazine as a teenager thinking…..

make more money in the future

I want a car like that one day.

Those were the types of dreams we had and set out on our path to make all our dreams come true.

However things got a little lost along the way.

Depending on the era you were born –

  • The 80s were sex, drugs and rock and roll
  • Then the 90s being who had the most money
  • And the 2000s with who had the best score on snake (that game on nokia phones)

To today who has the most followers on social media!

We lost sight of what we actually want form life and concentrated on what we wanted people to think of us.

How we look, what we are wearing

The brand, style and how much it costs.

That’s how we live our lives, keep trying to out do everyone else to get looked upon in society as a success.

Because to society these days – that’s what success is.

You get a job as a kid and make £1000 a week! That’s exciting and you feel like the richest guy in the world.

Until one day in your 40’s a £1000 a week just covers the bills, and the job you have doesn’t look so good after all.

But is the money that got you hooked, like a drug. The feeling you want to last forever, and when it fades away – you work harder to try and get it back!

Completely disregarding any other opportunity in the world, because it gave you that feeling once – surely it can do it again on day the same way, with the same job.

Why Do We Dismiss The Future

That a closed mindset. Sometimes you need to look towards the future and figure out where its going. If its not where you want to be – do something about it.

Nobody likes to start at the bottom. Its degrading, after working so hard in life – your should be a certain level right?

Going backwards in life never seems like a good idea after how hard it was to get to where you are today.

How Your Future Looks Now

Lets say your 40 years old on a wage of 60k a year.

60k a year for 10 years is 600k.

That’s the max you can earn in 10 years working at the same pace you have been.

You may as well half that because you need to live and pay for things. Which brings it to 300k in 10 years.

That’s being generous, with you saving half your wages.

In 10 years time with saving half your income you can only afford a 3 bed semi detached house.

This is a reason why I quit working a 9 to 5 job.

Lets be honest, even if it was 20 years, its going to be very hard to save half your wages.

This should be enough to make you think of considering a different option.

What Can You Do About It?

An option where you can put in 10 years of work in and be able to still get paid if you take the next 10 years off.

How different would your life be in the future? How much better would your time alive feel?

This is 100% possible for anybody.

With the power of the internet that’s all over the world you can make a great income.

I will give you a perfect example. This is just one example too, there are so many different options.

Do you know how much money YouTube pays creators?

To date it paid out $30 billion!

You can get a piece of the pie.😁

For one hour of every day you created a video of your cat.

Maybe playing, jumping or just sleeping – people watch that stuff – trust me.

The more views it gets, the more YouTube are able to place ads on your videos.

You don’t even have to have a cat, there are so may people using creative common videos with a little edit.

Then to grow that channel even more you can post 60 second clips on

  • Facebook reels
  • Instagram reel
  • Tic tok
  • Snapchat
  • And Pinterest.

All of who pay you for creating content from the comfort of your own home!!

It Can Easily Become Passive

Once the work is done, there is even options to schedule when the videos post – so you can work a week, then take a week off.

The money that YouTube pay you doesn’t stop just because your not there.

It sounds too good to be true. The downside is you have to start at 0.

  • No views
  • No following
  • No one cares about what you post.

This could take a few months to gain some traction.

This is where a plan of action comes into play.

Fail to plan – Plan to fail.

Then if you want to grow the income even more, create more videos, merchandise, sponsors etc.

Or the best way would be with affiliate products.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is taking the world by storm right now.

Your not employed, or tied down to one company.

Yet you can make a commission on products and services on auto.

To find out more about affiliate marketing, there’s a book that costs less then $10 that goes into great detail here called the Iceberg Effect.

Where it took you 5 years to get to a position to be able to trade your time for 60K a year.

Its possible for you to build a something online that will help your earn so much more.

With an online business your audience is worldwide, not just the town or city you live in.

How are going to start to get your piece of the pie?

Let me know in the comments below, I would love to support you along the way.

Until next time.❤

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