How To Earn 100k A Year So You Can Have The Heating On This Winter

How To Earn 100k A Year And Beyond.

Real work that you can earn 100k a year requires you to do something, not just show up for 45 days an claim £11500 from the UK people the rest of your life.

That’s a complete scam!

Earn 100k

Having a job that lets you earn £100k a year is a good wage. It will give you plenty of money to live a comfortable life and also put you in a good position for a good line of credit from the bank.


How can you earn that amount of money though?


You could become Prime minister for 45 days in the UK. But if you want a real, more realistic way to earn money.


Here I will give you some better options to consider. Stick around for the last one – its so unbelievable its actually poop?


Have you ever thought about flying a plane?

You don’t actually need a degree to be able to be a pilot. Flying an air craft for search and rescue, aerial photography or charter flights.

All you need is a commercial pilots license.

Some of these jobs will pay you a lot more then 115k a year.

To become a Pilot however is going to take you a lot of time to learn the skill, you cant just jump in a plane and off you go.


Something that anyone can do is dog walking.

This business will take some time to build up. There are 100s of people in the world who have dogs in their household.

But because of their busy lifestyle, they don’t have time to give them the exercise they need.


In the UK there are so many people starting dog walking business. When walking my own dog I see them everywhere.


  • Doggy day care
  • Wags and tails
  • Run Free Rover


They even have sign writer vans to take them out.


If you have 3 dogs and walk them for an hour a day at £20 an hour.


That’s £60 an hour for your time. Some people have a lot more then 3 dogs too.


The thing is you can have so much more opportunities when having customers who pay for dog walkers.

Knowing a little about the dog, you can recommend the right type of food, toys, bones, leads etc…


Which can all be purchased in your online shop as affiliate links or even stock the products yourself.


115k a yeah would be easy once you build up a customer base.

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The next one is buying and selling.

You don’t have to know a lot to start out with this one, you can gain experience as you do it.

  • Watches
  • Phones
  • Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Furniture

The options here a re endless. Have you ever heard of music magpie?

They give you money for your old CDs, books and DVDs.


To be honest I have a DVD player that hasn’t been used for over 3 years.

But I still own a collection of DVD that I will give them all away for a tenner.

How many house holds in the UK would do the same.


Music magpie is worth over 200 million these days.


I have done this in the past and will probably do it again with motorbikes. I bought them at cheap price and just took better photos and marketed them better to sell them for a profit.


The higher the value of the item the more money you can earn 100k a year is going to be very easy to achieve over time.




How many business do you know that would like more customers?


Near enough all of them right?


Then if they are not on google, they are missing out on so much protentional.

Well google have a FREE training program that teaches you all about google advertising.


How to master the platform and create ads on the internet.


What if you could become a pro at google ads? Advertise your services on up work or fiver and be paid in the region of £75 an hour.


Or better still make a commission for every customer you send to that business.


If you were to land a contract for a builder and sent them a customer who spent 10k with them, how mush do you think they would be happy to pay for that customer?


This can add up over time quite fast.

The better you get at ads and the more leads that business gets, there not going to ask to stop.


So all you need to do is check the data of the ad, which you learn how to do from google for FREE, then fine tune the ad to perform better and better.


This is called a marketing agency. Give it a google. There are plenty out there for a good reason.


Having a good number of customers in any business is a benefit.

It puts you in a great position when a customers says “can you do it for less”.

Because they have 10 more people who want to get some work done, that business is les likely to drop their prices and earn good money themselves.

It’s a win for both parties involved.


Have you ever been able to earn 100k – just for being an idiot?

Easy right? I can act like an idiot all day.


So what if you filmed yourself being an idiot and uploaded these videos to you tube?


I will however take some time to grow that you tube channel, but if you do a quick search on you tube you will see.


Prank funny videos at VRY popular. With some channels having over 1 million subscribers.


You may have heard of you tuber called MR Beast with over 107 million subscribers.

The guy has made so much money with you tube he gives it away all the time.

Making videos of crazy fun ideas how he gives the money to random people, just makes his channel bigger and better.

Pushing him well over being able to earn 100k a year mark.


This one you may think is a pile of crap, or just shit!?


But it’s a perfect example of finding a simple task that people hate doing and building a business around it.

Solving the customers problem.

Have you got a dog? Does it poo in the garden, then when the kids go out to play.

That poop needs to be cleaned up.

There is a woman who has a subscription to do just that.

She cleans up your dog poop.

The subscription is around £50 a month, with only 200 households that’s 120k a year.

So simple, yet so profitable.

What are you gong to need?

  • Gloves
  • Poo bags
  • Spade


Then if you haven’t got the skills to pick up poo – well you doomed.?


These examples I came across within 60 mins of research.


There are 1000s of opportunities out there. You just need to look.

I invite you to come join my community to see for yourself how people are breaking the chains to there 9 to 5.

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