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There are some simple life hacks you can use to boost performance in your life. We find out from Robin Westerlund just how to do it.


Diving deep into how to get the best from yourself is something Robin took an interest in.

With all the research he recovered and the techniques that he incorporated into his daily routine to make his life better, he found himself creating a business helping others do the same.


Sleep Is More Important Than You Think


Before talking with Robin I though that I slept pretty well. I found out there is always room for improvement with some small changes.

That has a knock on effect to your whole day.


There’s a reason the term “a good nights sleep is needed”. This isn’t laying on the sofa watching TV or laying in bed playing on your phone.

Its actual SLEEP, eyes shut and your body and brain recharging.


Robin explains that if you compare sleeping to eating healthy or exercising, Both a great for the body.

But without proper sleep you body will never me at its best.


You sleep 1/3 of your life – why not do it properly  

 The reason Robin wanted to Boost Performance

Having been a football player all his life, there were times Robin played brilliantly, also there were times he wasn’t so good.

Getting frustrated with the performance of playing football games, this is what got Robin on the journey of becoming a performance coach and learning how to Boost Performance.


Investing his time in to learning how to perform best in his own life. Robin was his own first student.

Where he surprised himself with techniques and strategy’s to improve performance.


So many entrepreneurs in the world are determined to climb the ladder of success, to be a superstar or have millions of dollars. Then when they finally get there……

There’s nothing else. Everything they neglected on the pursuit of becoming successful has been forgotten about.

This is where Robin Westerlund comes in.

He teaches people on how to separate the noise of a busy mind to also relax.

This isn’t something you can do once like buying some glue to fix a toy. If you want to stay healthy in your mind body and soul.


It will be something you will have to develop into a habit with the strategy’s Robin teaches his clients.


Some of the common signs you need to think about working on your sleep are:

  • Needing coffee to function in the morning
  • Drinking more then 7 cups of coffee a day
  • You have a short fuse and lose your temper easy
  • Making stupid decisions

All these examples, if they sound like you. Look into how well you sleep.


Some of the tips Robin advised me to do, which will improve my sleep and make me sleep better is getting rid of electronics in the bedroom.

Train you mind that when you lay down in best its time to sleep. No scrolling through social media.


This will help with you brain shutting off from business and thinking about the next project is.


It may sound a little extreme, but many of us are addicted to put phones. It will take time to develop the habit of putting it down over night.


Proper Sleep Can Replace Drugs

So many people all over the works take a pill to get themselves into a deep sleep.

These pills works wonders and the body gets the sleep it needs, however the pill is a drug.

With drugs there is always a side effect. That comes in the form of a mild hangover.

Over time of using drugs to fall asleep and then drugs to wake you up, this can completely mess your body up.

Elvis Presley is a perfect example.


Robin has defiantly made me question my sleep and made me take steps to improve how I sleep.

If you would like to find out more on Robin Westerlund and how he can help you improve your performance in life.

You can contact him on his Facebook profile here –


There you will be able to find out about a lot more of what he does.


Robin is another guest who has turned his passion of helping people into an online business.


You could also do the same. Come join my Facebook group to see how you could Break The Chains to your 9 to 5.

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