How Passive Can Income From Online Marketing Be?

Passive Income Ideas Online

Passive income ideas online! In order to be able to make a passive income online.

First you need to know what is actually meant by passive income.


It gets thrown around all the time online that you can make passive income easy.

This can be true in some cases – but in the majority of cases its bollox!


Over the 4 years online I have heard people say that amazon FBA is a passive income…


WHO’s going to:

  • Source the product
  • Market the product
  • Keep the stock in amazon

Pack the product off to amazon


All these things will need to be done all the time, I only know this because I did amazon FBA a few years ago.


Passive income CAN be made in a number of different ways.

One way it cant be made is working a 9to5 and trading your time for money.


Although with any stream of income, weather it be recurring or passive, it will take some work to set up at the beginning.


With any income I have made over the 4 years online I has taken me a while to set it up from the beginning.

With each project I have set up, some make pennies and some make pounds, but all are growing over time.

Here are some ideas for you, with each one I will give it a score on

  1. How much upfront work it will take
  2. How difficult it is to make $100 a month passive income
  3. Will it be easy it is to maintain the passive income

Passive income ideas online


  1. You can invest in stocks.

This may seem complicated at the start. But if you do some research into a stock you want to invest in and how much dividends they will pay you – this can create a passive income.  To be able to make a good amount of income from stocks. You will need to be able to invest a lot of money.

So stocks is very easy to set up to begin with.

To be able to make $100 a month you will need a big investment

To maintain the income, its simple – just keep holding the stocks.


  1. Thousands of people are making passive income with a YouTube channel.

Is YouTube a lot of work? It is indeed. Its not a matter of making a video and you get 1000 likes overnight. Any likes on some occasions.

But the more work you put in, the more passive income you can make.

The more videos you make on YouTube the more money you can make over time.

The initial work to start a YouTube channel is a lot of work, especially to be able to qualify for monetization.


But once you hit those targets its very easy to make more then $100 a month in passive income.

Then to maintain that passive income, continue to grow the channel just by doing what you have already done.


  1. Affiliate marketing has to be one of the most simple business models out there.

Many people create website marketing using affiliate marketing. To eventually create a passive income overtime.

With an existing audience, incorporating affiliate marketing into the mix becomes a lot easier.

Affiliate marketing is where you recommend a persons or company’s product in exchange for a commission.

This is why there is so many review websites out there filled with affiliate links to different products.

Even though you may not be aware of it, but every major company has an affiliate program.

Where they use affiliate markets to create campaigns for them and pay them a commission on each sale.

This works well for affiliate marketers and the company, maybe why its so popular online.


The amount of work required to get set up with affiliate marketing depends on your current position.

Do you have an audience or a following?

If not, I recommend taking some training first on affiliate marketing works.

There’s a good book called the iceberg effect I recommend.


If you have everything set up, with a place for people to click your affiliate links.

Once that’s set up $100 a month should be easy.

To maintain $100 a month is pretty easy as long as you continue to build your area where the links are, to keep internet traffic visiting.


  1. This is my favorite one – Starting a Podcast.

With a podcast its very similar to YouTube but without video.

You need to put in the same amount of work in order to create content for your audience.

Also keep growing the podcast over time.


Setting up a podcast can be cheap, or even FREE.

I started off with a free hosting platform and just recording from my phone.

Once your podcast starts to get a following or around 1000 followers, making $100 a month should be easy.

To maintain that $100 a month will be easy if you keep consistent.


  1. Membership sites can be amazing for a passive income idea.

Sites like Click funnels or Only fans have a monthly subscription plan where you earn a commission every month.

Even if you set up your own membership community. You can do this on most podcasting platforms and I know you can also do it on YouTube.


This makes is very simple to set up.


Getting members is what might take you time, how you funnel customers to your membership site will matter.

  • Tick Tok
  • Website
  • YouTube

Then give them a reason to join.


Filling up that membership site with exclusive content specifically for the members.

Then 10 members at $10 a month will give you $100 a month.


To maintain the $100 just keep filling out the side and providing value.

If its an only fans membership – Just keep turning up.


  1. Digital Products online.

A digital products such as a training course on how to color hair for hairdressers


How to train your puppy.


Having a course online that can be sold over and over again can be a gold mine to the right audience.

The upfront work will require you to actually make the course or the product.

But once that’s done you can put a price tag on it for $100 and sell it as many times as you like.


This would work well with a membership site. As many people will have other questions and want to know more from you if they enjoyed your course.


To make $100 a month should be easy depending on how much you sell the digital product for.

Then to maintain the $100 all you need to do is keep promoting it to your ideal audience.


The best thing about all these passive income ideas is that you don’t have to do just one.


I would however recommend starting with one and mastering it to get it to work.


You could even do this whiles working a 9 to 5 job with a plan to quit in the future.


Which will lead to breaking the chains to your 9 to 5!


Creating a passive income with these methods is a much better idea then having a job that is a waste of your life!


I created a video on YouTube about these types of jobs.


Jobs That Are A Waste Of Your Life and Time!


So go check that out and I will speak to you next time.








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