How Do I Become An Entrepreneur In 2021

What is an Entrepreneur in my eyes? It is different for everyone, and I class myself as an advantage person who hasn’t had any hand out from mum or dad.

The dictionary definition – Entrepreneur

a person who sets up a business or businesses taking on financial risk in the hope of profit. 

So what are some simple changes you can do in your life to become an entrepreneur?

I have written this for the person who has the hunger and drive to be successful – But doesn’t know where to start.

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Number 1

Keep yourself motivated. Even when times get tough, Run – Play with your kids – check your bank balance.

Anything that will get you motivated to make a change in your life from the current situation.

Personally for me I go out and get some fresh air with the dog.

I never used to have time to do anything for myself. These days I am able to go out for a walk with no deadline to when I need to head back.

I control the time I work and the time I have to myself.

It is commonly said that entrepreneurship is a lonely business. Its NOT, you make so many new friends who you have lots in common with from all over the world.

One thing is for sure – Your success is down to YOU – Down you to take the relevant action. 

Its your business, your success and your responsibility to make it happen – Nobody will do it for you. 

There will be people who doubt what your doing. Who think that your ideas are stupid or even make fun of you. 

These will be the same people who will want to be around you when success begins to happen. Then they will want to be your best friend!

Everyone has these types of people in their lives. 

Number 2

Be Clever with money. Don’t go out and buy the fastest car spending all your money when you haven’t got a license!

Become An Entrepreneur

Having an amount of money saved will enable you to be in a position to take advantage of opportunities  that come up in the future.

There may be some training you need or a tool to advance your business.  It will help you be able to stay on the right track. 

Number 3

Get comfortable with selling! 

I used to have a fear or asking for money from customers.

I would be working in their house all day, then when it came to payment I asked – “is that ok?”

Of course its OK. I had just done the job they asked me to do. 

Its the same with selling – you give a person some information on how to lose weight. Maybe a diet plan, a program to stick to and exercises and they love the sound of it. 

They will expect it to cost money – so don’t be afraid to sell!

Number 4

What would you do if you wanted to become a hairdresser? You would get a job with the best hairdresser you could to to be able to learn from them. 

learning from someone who is in the position you want to be in can be a huge advantage to advance your own learning. 

But be careful who you look up to and admire when learning how do you become an entrepreneur. 

If you had the opportunity to work with Richard Branson, this may not be the best opportunity. 

Richard Branson as been in the position you are in right now, but 30 years ago. 

A lot of things have changed since Richard began his journey as an entrepreneur. 

It would be more beneficial to you to learn from someone who is building and growing their business NOW! Not someone who has 1000 employees where you would have to learn a little bit from each one. 

Learn from someone who is a few steps ahead of you, someone who has made the mistakes recently and can teach you how to overcome them. 

Number 5 

Continually build your network and keep building good relationships. 

You never know one day in the future a relationship formed years ago be become beneficial to you one day down the line. 

With Building a network of people, you never know when your name or business will come in conversation and lead to something great.

To begin building your network it would be a good idea to make a list of everybody you know, then branch out to people they may know.

You never know what contacts can take you where until you try. 

Number 6

Putting in the work and effort. If you are currently employed, put in the time and effort to be the best employee you can be.

If you cannot be successful working for someone else then your going to struggle to become a successful entrepreneur. 

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Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy to begin with. Your journey will be filled with plenty of challenges to overcome. 

If your not able to hold a job now then there’s a slim chance at success on your own.

There is a stigma behind how to become an entrepreneur. All the fancy cars and luxury lifestyle doesn’t happen straight away. 

You have to work at the things you want – Money is a byproduct of your success. 

Number 7 

Become a great researcher. When investing in a product, training or someone you could potentially work with, research is a key skill you need to learn. 

The more you spend your time researching, the better you will become at finding the answer to the problem you are looking to solve. 

Number 8

Build yourself a following. Years ago before the internet, this was a difficult task to do. But with all the social media platforms online these days it has become very simple.

You can easily create content using –

  • Writing
  • Video
  • Audio

All can be done on a number of different platforms or social media.

So pick a platform and begin to build an audience today.

Number 9

Find out your strengths.

  • Some people are great writers – They blog
  • Some people are great on video – The you tube
  • Others love to talk – They start a podcast

Whatever you are good at and enjoy doing do it more. When you enjoy what your doing it will show in the content you create.

This will help you thrive as an entrepreneur.

If you enter into an industry that you can see yourself being in for a long time, change. You wont be putting in 100% if you don’t enjoy it.

For example when I was 16 years old, I always wanted to be a car mechanic. I left school and got an apprenticeship at a garage.

One day I looked up from the laying on the cold floor underneath a car and saw the the other 40 year old mechanics standing there covered in oil.

That was when I thought – this is not for me and quit the next day.

Number 10

I have been saving the best until last! This is the most exciting part of being an entrepreneur.

Take risks and challenge yourself!

Playing it safe is what everyone does, and who want to be the same. There is only one of you and we are only on this planet once.

So be exceptional and challenge the impossible.

Back in 2017 I took a risk on a crypto currency, today that risk is up 900%. That was one risk which worked out well.


How Do I Become An Entrepreneur In 2021

90% of people will listen to these actions needed to take and not even try.

That’s fine – I want to hear from the 10% who actually do.

I would love to know the progress of your challenges which you come up against and how you overcome them. ?

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