How can you tell someone is FULL OF S%!T

The tell tail signs that I look out for!

In reality you can quite easily tell a person is lying

It’s the process that person puts you through that gets your guard down.

And this process happens without you knowing!

Have you ever talked to anyone in a cult?

They are brain washed into believing whatever that Guru says.

Its not until a few years later they realise that they were a huge con artist!

The only way you can separate the bad from the good is to


Get to know people.


How can you tell someone is FULL OF S%!T

Over the years in this space I have spoken to marketers who have promised me that it’s the investment in the world.

They are even making a fortune.

Only to look them up a few months later to find that they are gone or Just not active.

Every successful entrepreneur has a roadmap.

Of where they where they are now.

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