High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Lets start at the beginning! What is Affiliate Marketing or more important High Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

The best example which I explain to everyone and they understand is when you watch a boxset on Netflix.

You enjoyed the boxset so much that you know every detail, so you begin to tell your friends and family. Even put a post out on social media. People begin to ask you questions and they go an watch the same boxset.

This is how affiliate marketing works – But you get paid

As with anything in life there is the easy way and then the advanced way. The way I am going to detail here it the way to start to earn an excess of $1000 being an affiliate for 1 business online.

All done using free methods to generate traffic.

This product and more will be reveled here.

This product that you will be an affiliate for doesn’t require you to do the following –

  • Customer support
  • No Physical products
  • No shipping costs

The affiliates job is to drive traffic to there specific link provided to them.

The ingredients your going to need in order to set this system up is –

  • A Great high ticket offer
  • A low ticket off that compliments the high ticket
  • Most importantly – Valuable content. Content which your audience will find valuable in order to take the next step.

Your content can be created through a number of different platforms.

You can create video content, Blogs or audio, all for free.

All these ingredients will come together in a funnel. A funnel is a sequence of web pages which provide value to a potential customer.

1st Step

To be able to get free traffic, you will need to be noticed.

To achieve this we use a hook.

If you are familiar with a hook in reguards to marketing you can see more here.

With a hook that grabs a customers attention with a Facebook post, tic tok video or you tube video.

Once you have the attention there needs to be a very clear call to action to progress to the next step.

2nd Step

When the call to action from step one is clicked, this will begin the first page of your funnel.

Which will be the opt-in page.

The customer will need to provide their email address to be able to receive the information on offer in your content post/video/blog.

You can give extra value here showing the customer what they will get for trading there email address.

Once the customer has opted in with their email address, everything will then run on auto.

How? I am about to explain.

3rd Step

The main job as a affiliate marketer is complete from here. Providing that you have taken the time to set up everything correct.

This step is the bridge page. Here you will be able to explain in detail about the affiliate offer. You will be able to provide a story on how the product in the offer works.

How you also had the same problem as the customer before you came across this product, And how the product has helped you solve the problem you had.

Many people fail or give up with affiliate marketing because they choose to promote an offer they know nothing about.

When you have hands on experience with the product that you are promoting it will come across genuine in your content.

It will also make it a lot easier to promote knowing exactly how it works, because you have also been through the process.

This step will contain the affiliate link to the product offer. With a clear call to action on how the customers can progress to the offer.

4th Step

This is the final step in the process of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing 2021 .

After the customer clicks your affiliate link and enters the company sales page you are an affiliate for, you have done your part.

Now it is down to the company to provide value and information on the product on offer for the customer to purchase.

Then once the customer feels that the product on offer can help solve the problem they have, this is where you earn a commission.

But What If The Customer Doesn’t Purchase?

Not every person who visits the funnel process with end up purchasing the offer. Thats ok.

Remember back in step 1? Where we collected the email address?

It was for this reason. Sometimes people dont see the value in the offer the first time. Maybe they needed to think about it or just wanted more infomation.

When the funnel builder is connected to your email autoresponder, this will enable you to send emails on auto directly to their email inbox.

I use a auto responder called Get Response, which you can take advantage of the 30 day free trial here.

Without a autoresponder you will be missing out on a ton of sales from customers who wanted a little more time or needed to see the value of the product even more, before committing to buy.

Within the emails sent by your auto responder you can also promote backend offers.

If your main high ticket product costs $2000, the customer may not be in a position to invest that amount of money at that time.

Following up with a customers is a great way to build relationships in High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

So to ad even more value for the customer you can offer them a low ticket offer that also compliments the high ticket.

For example:

  • Social LOOP – $17
  • Digital Business Formula – $47
  • Fuel Digital Traffic – $222.75

All offers that compliment the high ticket offer and can also be provided from the same company.

In the emails sent on auto you are able to provide extra value to the customer.

  • Testimonials
  • Commission proof
  • Even offer help with traffic

Every email should have a clear call to action, directing the customer to the main product on offer.

With the email auto responder you are able to send as many emails to the customer as you like. Also the email is there for the future to promote other offers to.

Making Sure You have A Good Offer for High Ticket Affiliate Marketing 2021

When becoming an affiliate for an offer, you need to make sure that the offer will convert.

After putting in all the hard work of generating traffic to the offer, you dont want to waste your time if the product you become an affiliate for is rubbish.

The offer I use for my high ticket affiliate marketing in 2021 has been labeled “The Ultimate Funnel” by the king of funnels himself – Russell Brunson.

Which is the reason I use click funnels.

Of course there are other funnel builders on the market, but I am building a business online to be able to grow and I wanted to learn a funnel builder which has been proven to work in the online space.

Within the high ticket company I am working with there are even free books and webinars that can be of value to your customers.

So How Does It All Work High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

When all the hard work is done. Your funnel is set up ready and you have your email autoresponder filled with the emails ready to send out.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing 2021

Incorporated in the backend offers in my email auto responders are affiliate links to the tolls that I use in my business.

If someone is serious about building an affiliate marketing business online they will need a funnel builder and a email autoresponder.

With both tools the platform offers free training on how to make the most from its platform.

What is the offer that I talk about?

It is actually a free book.

The book is a road map on how affiliate marketing works and what you will need to do in order to build a successful business in 2021.

The book is packed with value for the customer to learn how someone can go from being 60 thousand dollars in debt to selling over 10 million dollars of product online.

Then once the customers really knows what is needed of them to enter into the affiliate marketing world they will be given the opportunity of a phone call from the business.

So if they seem like a good fit for the high ticket affiliate program they will then be offer the amazing opportunity to become a partner.

This is all performed by the company I am an affiliate for.

My role in this was to send the traffic to the affiliate offer.

What Is Involved In The High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program?

Everything I have just been through here – There is a step by step guide on how to set everything up.

If you just walked out of your job today there is everything you need to know on how to build an affiliate marketing business.

Included in the program is support on hand for if you get stuck of just need to motivation.


The Part Everyone Has Been Waiting For!

If this all sound too good to be true, your right – With many programs out on the internet you are left hanging high and dry.

Not this one – I have not only excelled my learning in affiliate marketing but been able to make a number of friends along the way.

There are now have 3 options, each one is packed with value just for you.

I hope you have enjoyed what you have learnt here on high ticket affiliate marketing – and I hope to speak to you soon.


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