Growing Up Poor And In Poverty In 2022

This isn’t something that’s new being poor and in poverty . It been happening for years but some people have been able to break away from working to live.

A job or a career is looked at a life style. As something your labeled as:

  • Ben the electrician
  • Dave the plumber


  • Sarah the hairdresser.

Don’t you want to be remembered for something better in life, then just the career you choose when you were a teenager?


Conditioned To Be Poor And In Poverty

Think about when you were at school and you were taught to be a “good” student.

Answer the questions in a specific way, the way that you had been taught in the lesson all year.

Never told to think outside the box and be creative and invent new ideas of solutions that could actually be a better method.


No! You were told to do things a certain way, then if you dared to try something different – you got in trouble.

Most of the time taught by a teacher who is Poor and in Poverty too.

Either that or your friends would take the mick out of you if it failed.


There was an experiment a lecturer did once. He wrote a number or equations on the board in front of a class.


  1. 1 x 8 = 8
  2. 2 x 8 = 16
  3. 3 x 8 = 24

Until he got to 10 x 8 =81

He turned round to the class and they were laughing.


There’s a lesson to be leant there.

All the way up to 10 x 8 the class just sat and watched, they said noting.


As soon as they spotted a mistake – they laughed.?

Didn’t correct him, just decided to make fun of the 1 he got wrong.

Although the 9 he got correct, there wasn’t any comment.


That’s what wrong with society these days. We are mate to feel ashamed or stupid every time we do something wrong.


This is what stops us wanting to take any risks in life, there fore stay poor and in poverty.

Fear of failure!


So what do most of us do? Follow what we are told and get a job working for someone else and work out way up in the company.


When there is a unique 12 year old girl who decided to do what she wanted and make crazy videos you YouTube to eventually earn in a week what I did in a year.


The thing is it’s the easy route getting a 9 to 5 job. You turn up – do your 8 hours and get paid a wage.

Every month the same. So you can budget your lifestyle around that.

Once you get to a position you have a mortgage, car finance and 3 credit cards you use for holiday – its even more of a risk to change that cycle.


Things Can Change If You Want Then To


If things were to change from when we were young.

We were told to be creative and encouraged that when we fail, we learn from it. That what didn’t work – we wont do that again.


I think the would could be filled with so many great solutions to a number of problems we have created around the world over the years.


Take electric cars for example. Did you know the idea came about in 1890.

Ok it only did 14mph so didn’t really take off.


But that idea never evolved until Elon Musk released the Roadster in 2008.

With environment issues getting noticed all over the world – Electric cars were seen as a solution.

And now in 2022 nearly every brand of car has bought out and electric model.

Growing Up Poor And In Poverty In 2022


I would love to know what actually happened in 1890 and why the electric car never evolved all these years ago.


I would guess that because the petrol cars in 1890 did 35mph, the electric one got put on the shelf.


Break The Cycle Of Being Poor

There are more and more people beginning to think outside the box these days.

From people building a you tube channel around reviews on products and making a huge amount of money to another person helping others get better sleep as a business.

Both entrepreneurs who I have interviewed on my podcast may I ad, so go check those interviews out.



All it takes is an idea.


Something you enjoy and you can see yourself doing in your life.


What Do You Think When You Retire Happens?


I saw a post on Facebook today.


What age would you like to retire?


This made me think. Why the hell would I retire.

May Dad retired after working so many years every day, working so hard, that when they eventually told him to go home and relax – He was bored stiff!


He had nothing to do.

Well the allotment and chickens soon kept him busy after he told me and my brother.

He loved that allotment, the amount he grew supplied the whole family.


So don’t think I want to retire. I want to live my life on my terms now.


Who knows in my 70’s,  I will still be recording podcasts live in the metaverse.


I hope you will be there with me too talking about the good old days of MP3.


Make sure you are by joining my group on Facebook.

You can access it here – Affiliate Success – Break the Chains

I will see you there – make sure you say Hi ?

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