Groups on Facebook? Whats the point?

You would think that you would be better creating content on your main Facebook profile.

At least there, you are able to reach all of your friends on your Facebook.


The more people you can get in front of the more people you can present an offer to, it just makes sense.


I thought this too – MISTSAKE


You may have heard of the Facebook algorithm.

With Facebook you need to play the game and keep engaging on the platform in order for Facebook to push your content out.


If you dont post for a few days – don’t expect anyone to see it.



This is where Facebook groups come in, also how powerful they can be.


If you think of it like your own group of friends.


Friends like to interact with your content and give you’re their opinion.

A bit like a whats app group – but you don’t need the other persons phone number.


You can do more specific content, that you know your friends will be intrested in.


Go live inside that group and talk to everyone on a particular topic.


The benefits are endless.

Groups on Facebook



All you need to do if fill that group with the right kind of friends.


Your own tribe who follow and are intrested in your content.


All this may I add is free to do in Facebook.


The only thing you need to do is be able to fill the group with ideal people. People who want to interact with your posts.


You can learn how to fill your very own group with targeted leads for your business in a 4 day workshop.


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You could do the same when given the same strategy’s to use.


This will work for you even if you haven’t started a group, or you have one up and running.

All you need to do is add the Group Juice.

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