Get Rich Quick!

Its everyone dream to get rich quick. With little or no effort.

The sad thing is that con artists have got better at hiding scams today, and know how to capture the people who want a shortcut to Get Rich Quick!

Still today there are highly intelligent people all over the world who fall into this trap.

get rich quick

If It Seems Too Good To Be True – It Normally Is!

In 2020 and 2021 with the covid 19 pandemic hitting many people finichanally, The scams are at a all time high.

If you have an email address, I would put money on you receiving an email from a nigeran prince looking for your help to release some funds.

All that is required is a small deposit upfront. Small compared to the millions of dollars you will get inn return.

This scam has been going for years, even before the internet! And its still generates fraudsters millions of dollars to this day.

As with anything with a popular interest from people, there will always be fraudsters scamming people out of their hard earned money.

Designer Clothing

Just recently I went on holiday to Turkey. I bought over $1000 of designer clothing and watches, for a fraction of the high street prices.

Its not until you get home and actually use the items that you realise the bad quality. Then you know why they were so cheap.

Online Marketing

This also goes for MLM (multi level marketing)

For example – Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a simple business model. So simple – people make it look easy.

And to them at that time it probably is.

But it hadn’t always been. Everyone started somewhere.

Affiliate marketing is a trade, the same as being an electrician or a plumber.

You need to acquire the skills in order to be successful.

So many affiliate marketers, who have become successful create coaching courses.

There are some programs out there witch fill you with promises to becoming a successful affiliate marketer, and each step requires more and more money for you to invest.

When chasing the dream of success you become blind sighted to reality that your being scammed, and keep on paying to go to the next level.

This gets you deeper and deeper into the course and you find excuses for the faults you find and the obvious signals you see.

How do I know this? It happened to me.

I’m not going to name names as Im not out to bad mouth others.

If I had taken time to do a quick google of the course and it creator I would of known straight away. This person was a con artist.

Finding out that they had been convicted for fraud before.

I cut my losses and tend to steer very clear or anyone who promotes the course, after telling them to google the persons name of course.

Getting Into A Good Habit

A great habit to adapt would be to use the most powerful tool on the internet Google!

A simple google of anything you are about to spend your hard earned money on will do you the world of good in the long run.

Defeat the shiny object syndrome and impulse buys.

However big or small the purchase, give it 24 hours for you to do your research and think weather you need the item or product.

This will help you find the perfectly legitimate bushiness out there who can actually help you.

I Am An Affiliate Marketer

The affiliate marketing training I am partnered with, I researched for 7 days before parting with any money what so ever.

Get Rich Quick!

I found myself looking for a bad review – even though they weren’t there.

And I am happy to say that every promise I was given before signing up has been for filled, and continues to do so as I learn more and more.

I have also been able to earn whiles I learn too. The money has actually been deposited into my account, so there is no doubt in my mind at all that the course I am partnered with is a great course.

The Key Ingredient

There is only one key ingredient that no course or mentor is able to give you, even if they tried.

That is physically make you be successful! You can be given all the tool and training to become successful.

But if YOU don’t actually do the work – Then you will fail!

If you wanted to become a hair dresser, you cant just go out and buy a pair of scissors. You need to learn the skills.

This is where many people get upset and give up. When they realise that its not a get rich quick method like they had hoped. They just quit and blame someone else for their failure.

Get Rich Quick – With Bitcoin

Take Bitcoin, You can go on any social media today without seeing a bitcoin scam.

People who have never heard of bitcoin either fall for the scam or already see it as a scam.

But bitcoin has a lot more to it then just being an investment.

Crypto currency is changing the world. Witch has been created by the people of the world – Not the governments.

This is why the governments see crypto as a scam. They dont understand it and cant control it.

Thay have a long way to go and a hell of a lot to learn.

Google “Get Rich Quick” Online

When someone goes looking online for a get rich quick idea, they are already in a desperate state.

The idea of quick cash is in our mind and this is what we are looking for a solution to our problem we already have.

Then when it all goes wrong and we lose out money, we then look for someone to blame.

When looking online for a way to make money. Look at it long term – not quick cash.

Do your homework and look into the company or business who is presenting the opportunity.

If Homework Seems Too Much Hard Work?

Use someone else’s research to benefit yourself.

I have dont my homework with this training course and you can find out more for yourself.

Watch this short video and let me know what you think –

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