Fresh Out the Box! What Do I Mean?

Fresh Out the Box! What Do I Mean?

When starting a business, I mean at the complete beginning. Fresh Out the Box! What Do I Mean?

Fresh Out the Box! What Do I Mean?

Where you start something new and you actually have no experience of the business that your getting into.

You just know you want to begin.

Its going to be difficult to generate customers to that business. If you were a car sales man but knew nothing about cars — your going to struggle.

People are not going to know you in that market, therefore not trust what advice or any products you have on offer.

This is probably where many affiliate marketers go wrong, They don’t know their product.

Its easy to go to a website — grab a link — and spam it in front of everyone!

Hence then they give up because “affiliate marketing doesn’t work! It’s a scam”



Well everybody — everywhere — with anything, starts somewhere.

And what would be better than detailing how what you learnt every day and how you took a step closer to becoming an expert in that market.

We see Richard Branson and is million dollar multiple company’s today, but its not until we look for it do we actually know how he go there.

Then once we find out where we can learn the steps he too to grow his fortune is cost us to buy the book and takes us time to read.

What if someone could read how to build a business and grow a fortune TODAY.

Because the online world moves so fast, what you read in a book written a few years ago, could be outdated by the time it gets to you.

So by writing about what steps you are taking in order to reach your goals would be interesting to other people who would like to follow in your foot steps.

We see people online every day and watch the successful people on YouTube, because if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then you need to learn from someone who has done it already.

But its all so easy to them — They have a following, a fan base and a reputation to prove to people that they know what they are talking about.

You don’t — your fresh out the box and starting from the beginning and learning everything along the way.

Who would you like to read about more?

An entrepreneur who is telling you to test an ad campaign with a small amount of money and scale to make a fortune?

A small amount of money is 2k!


A Joe Blogs from nowhere who is starting to grow his business from scratch and the struggles that they go through to be a success.


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I know which one I would relate to more.

In my business which im growing online, The ideal customer is a tradesman who is working all the hours he can.

Making great money — but has no time to enjoy life.

They don’t mind hard work because that’s what they are doing at the moment with the brick and mortar business.

Although the money is rolling in and they have a great customer base, they are not happy.

Because this is there life now, they stop, they let people down, they earn no money!

This is my ideal customer who I aim to help because this was me.

I was stressed with work and thought the more money I made the happier I would be.

Then I never knew that it was even possible to change career to online, I assumed it was too late.

After I tried along side my Electrical business for 2 years to build something online.

I was looking for that magic software, the answer to all my problems and enable me to quit my other job.

That magic pill was ME, I needed to stop looking and actually do it properly, not just give it a go!


When starting a business from scratch, you cant give it 20%.

If anything from the beginning it needs 110% to get the ball rolling.

So after 1 simple book that I read, and really under stood on what I needed to do and the direction I needed to go in.

Got a clear picture on how I was going to build a successful online business and scale it as I go along.

This book I didn’t even pay for, it was free.

So this is the direction I’m heading in and I’m determined to make this a full time success and beyond!

If you got this far in this blog — all the way to the bottom then you got to come with me on this journey too.

Take a read of the book and get some guidance on where to go —

It All Begins Here

That is the meaning of being Fresh Out the Box! ?

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