Click Funnels Review 2020 – The Journey With A Sales Funnel

Click funnels review 2020 – The Journey with a sales funnel

clickfunnels review 2020

Have you been trying to sell online? Do you find it hard to keep a customer interested in your product?

I’m that you are finding it difficult to get your customers to convert is hard!

Also to grow your business is even harder!

There is a fantastic tip that not many people are using at the moment to increase the value of every customer you sell to.

Sales Funnels

When you create a sale funnel for your customer to purchase a product through, you increase your sales and are able to provide a lot more value to the customer.

This post is going to show you a software called “Click Funnels”

Clickfunnels enable you to create sales funnels for your business.

The beauty of clickfunnels is that you do not need to be a web designer or a programmer to be able to create a fantastic sale funnel for your business.

One of the bonuses for the clickfunnels program, it has the best affiliate program out!

I will be covering 7 main topics here –

  1. What clickfunnels actually is?
  2. How clickfunnels helped my business skyrocket
  3. The best parts of click funnels
  4. The cons on clickfunnels
  5. How the clickfunnels pricing plan works
  6. All you need to know about clickfunnels
  7. How clickfunnels can pay YOU!

In 2014 Russell Brunson and his team created clickfunnels. Since 2014 Russell had build click funnels into a $100 million a year company and still growing.


Clickfunnels can be used to build –

Landing pages

Squeeze pages


Membership sites


A number of all types and sizes of sales funnels popups, upsells and downsells.

Also with Clickfunnels platinum subscription you will be able build you own affiliate program and create follow-up-funnels.


Clickfunnels can offer you everything you need, with no need to hire other developers to do it for you.

There are lots of people across the world who use Clickfunnels to help their business become more successful.

The 2 comma Club is proof that over 200 members have already created 1 million dollars with the clickfunnels program.


Will you be the next?? Click Funnels Review 2020 – The Journey With A Sales Funnel


How I used Clickfunnels to help my business.

In 2015 had a website selling products that I needed an easy way to collect payments

The software that I was using for my landing pages, you couldn’t collect payments without a lot of hard work!

This produced a problem for me and to get round it took a lot of time and research.

I stumbled across a software called click funnels.

Click Funnels 14 day trial


After getting to grips with the software and being able to create funnels I decided to write a Click funnels review 2020 – The Journey With A Sales Funnel.

It took me a while, but eventually I started to get recognised by google with related keywords and started to get more traffic.

As I found click funnels to be a great software and it was able to do so much for my business I wanted to see how far I could take this………..

I joined a course called one funnel Away Challenge. The course got me hooked and I found so much useful information within the course.

I learnt how bonuses were used to get people to click on the links.

I am no newbie to click bait and bonuses, but the way in which clickfunnels was teaching you got me inspired to put my own bonus pack together.


The response of what I was taught in the one funnel away challenge has elevated my approach to affiliate marketing and had got me even more interested in Clickfunnels.

The Best part of click funnels 1

  1. The Funnel Template Blueprints

If you are worried that you don’t know where to start with a funnel, then clickfunnels Russell Brunson has a number of funnels that he has used for his own business.

Which you can use as a template.

The funnel types contain 3 main categories Lead capture funnels, sales page and event funnels.



There are also some extra special funnels such as membership funnels you can also create.

Included is a simple funnel such as the Squeeze page funnel where you can collect a customer’s name and email before sending them to a thank you page after signing up.

Each funnel has its own set of free and paid template, it makes it easy for someone with little or no design skills.


These are the steps to you will need to create your first sales funnel –

Click Funnels 14 day trial

  1. Pick a funnel type
  2. Chose a template
  3. Simply Edit each page to suit your business
  4. Insert your products and set up the payment integration
  5. Make sure you set the domain name for your new funnel
  6. Press Save

That’s it! Once the funnel is complete you will be able to send traffic to it.

Best Part of click funnels 2

Great drag and drop easy editor

Clickfunnels will give you a great starting point with the funnels and it templates, when you come to editing the funnel to make your own its simple drag and drop.

The pages within the funnel are in sections where you can add a number of rows and columns. You can simply drag and drop each item whenever you would like on the page.

Being able to move components around the page is very simple and easy.

You are able to edit the test inline and alter any elements properties can be simply done with the slide out menu.

Not like other editors on the market, it is all organized in a logical way, where things are easy to find without having to hunt them down.


The main attraction to clickfunnels is that you are not required to learn HTML coding or any CCS skills.

Best parts of clickfunnels 3

Great selection of page elements

The elements or widgets are an important when you are trying to design the pages you want, with click funnels there are a wide variety to choose from.

The elements include –


Image text


Button – call for action

Input forms


Click funnels also offers a number of advanced elements such as –

SMS sign up


Pricing tables

Progress Bars

Facebook comments

FAQ Blocks

Countdown timers


Custom HTML

Added features like membership elements for membership pages and order form elements for the order pages.


Every element can be customised with the sidebar editor, editing the background colour, margins, fonts, font sizes and alignment.

For some of the image URL or the Button text there are specific element properties.


Best parts of clickfunnels 4

The Affiliate Program with Click Funnels

I think it had been proven time and time again that click funnels has the best affiliate program to offer ant affiliate.

There is a HUGE incentive to do well with click funnels affiliate program, like high commissions and being able to win your dream car after you hit 100 active referrals.


Click funnels has a number of products which you are able to promote as an affiliate.

Traffic Secrets Book

One Funnel Away Challenge

30 Day Summit

And more …………………………………….


With clickfunnels there is a Sticky Cookie which enables you be be able to earn commissions on any upsells that the people that you refer.

That’s not all………………………………..

You are able to use the share funnels future.

Within the settings tab of your click funnel account you can grab your share funnels URL.


When a person you referred visits the share funnel URL, they will be able to add the funnel directly to their account. You can even share funnels with existing click funnel members.

If the referral is to a new member, they will be able to sign up to clickfunnels for a 14 free trial. – Click funnels review 2020


The great thing is that when you share your funnel through share funnels, the URL acts as you affiliate link and you will get the commission once they become a member.


There are so many way in which you can share the funnels to get people to sign up to clickfunnels with your affiliate link – you just have to think outside the box.

Here is a funnel I created for amazon sellers and shared it with them.



Best parts of clickfunnels 5

The funnel fix built in training is Brilliant!

If you love learning new things and advancing as a marketer? Then the Funnel Fix Training within click funnels is for you.

Funnel Hacks Clickfunnels Review 2020 – The Journey With A Sales Funnel

It is just one of the features that you should take advantage of.


Honestly – If you have time on your hands at the moment then just signing up to the 14 day free trial to have a look around and watch the free videos is worth the time.


Bad Parts of Click funnels 1

Soooo Much information and learning to take in.

It can be quite intimidating with the amount click funnels has to offer, I recommend sticking to one thing and learning to master that before moving on.

It can be easy to get carried away with the shiny thing syndrome within click funnels.


The videos are there to help! Watch them and take it all in.

Then when getting to the next step, you will understand a lot easier.


Bad Parts of Click funnels 2

The cheapest plan limits you to 20,000 visitors, 20 funnels and 100 pages, I suppose you are getting a lot for you money.

If you are just going to be building funnels for yourself that amount would be ok, but for a business you may need more.


If you would like to build unlimited funnels you will need to upgrade your membership.


Bad Parts of Click funnels 3

When editing a page in one of the funnels, you have to exit the page you are editing and enter the next page.

This process is slow, it take around 5 seconds every time.


Pricing plan on Click Funnels


Click funnels has 2 different pricing plans.

How much is the membership on clickfunnels after the 14 day free trial?


At the moment you can sign up to become a member of click funnels for $97 a month.

This plan will give you access to all the tools to create a funnel, you will be limited to 20,000 visitors, 100 pages and 20 funnels.

Access to the follow up funnels, the built in email service and backpack you don’t get access to.


The 14 day trial that click funnels offers is not limited in anyway, this gives you the option the check it out fully before becoming a member.



The info on Click Funnels that may have been missed.


My experience with clickfunnels support have been fantastic.

It may have taken a day maximum to get back to me sometimes but every one of my problems were resolved quickly.

Does Clickfunnels have an active community?

Click funnels has a huge community on Facebook with over 100k members, there is also an affiliate Facebook group with over 30k members.

There are other Facebook groups run by clickfunnels top affiliate which you can join.


Thank you and i hope you enjoyed My Click funnels review 2020

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