Click Funnels Vs Smart Funnels – Which Funnel Builder is Better for 2020?

Here we are going to answer the Question – Click Funnels Vs Smart Funnels – Which Funnel Builder is Better for 2020?

Click Funnel vs Smart Funnels

A in depth review on each Product Software – Lets get started…………


Generating traffic on your new webpage isn’t as easy as it seems and a lot of newbies fail with their online businesses because of not emphasizing enough on online marketing.

There are lot of methods to draw leads quickly to your webpage and Quiz Funnels are among the best possible ways for getting leads with higher traffic.

So, to gather massive traffic along with huge email signup lists, you can get going with sales funnels.

These funnels are landing pages to your website and are all-in-one hosted solutions that let you create optimized landing pages.

Two of the most recommended sales funnels are Click Funnels and Smart Funnels and both of these offer different methods for marketing your business on the internet.

Here we’re going to look after features offered by both, what you’ll be able to achieve, consider the features and also look upon the ways to begin with such solutions for creating funnels.

Thus, let’s get into both of these…


Click Funnels Overview

Click Funnels lets users for easily and quickly have different sales funnels and also without the requirement of technical expertise.


With Click Funnels users get a wide range of pre-made funnels, templates for landing pages, and also intuitive drag-and-drop editor, with a smooth design process for the funnel.

Also, Click Funnels boasts impressive knowledge base along with extensive documentation for support, while helping users navigating the platform while getting best features.


Some impressive tools and features through which you ensure simple and quickly designed beautiful and high conversion sales funnels are:


With Click Funnels users get an all-inclusive solution for hosting all the sales and landing page funnels.

All maintenance and security issues are taken care of by Click Funnels, while ensuring that all website pages get loaded quickly with minimal downtime.



With Click Funnels you get library of premium and free templates of landing pages for selection.

Such landing pages fully get optimized and created for converting while ensuring that they would engage with users for helping while achieving goals.

Also, the landing page builder Click Funnels would know through what customers convert and from what they don’t.



The Click Funnels would be among the finest solutions for increasing sales.

Through promotion of products with multi-stage funnel sales, you are easily able to showcase products while generating interest with sale clinch.


Click Funnels help you sell both physical and digital products as well.


Backpack Program for Affiliates


Another vital tool meant for Click Funnels would be the affiliate program for Backpack.

Backpack helps you set affiliate programs for selling products, both in physical and digital forms, for helping drive traffic to the site.

Many other benefits are also meant for selection of Backpack for creating affiliate programme…


  • Design custom affiliate plans
  • Monitor payments and affiliates
  • Creating different affiliates (i.e. – Super affiliates, Regular affiliates, Family and Friends, etc.)
  • Manage payments and affiliates



You also create webinar funnels for letting grow the brand, sell products and also spread the word regarding the offered services.


To run a Click Funnels webinar, you can host live webinar through service such as Zoom or GoToWebinar.

These can be used with Click Funnels event funnel for customizing registration process while increasing attendance.


Other than that, you can also produce pre-recorded webinars that Click Funnels later play on-demand.


Analytics with Split Testing


With Click Funnels users can split test funnels to ensure maximum conversions.

A/b testing also has been great for understanding what would work well and what won’t.

Almost all funnel element gets split tested, such as…


  • Headlines
  • Pages
  • Copy
  • Buttons
  • Videos and Images, etc.



Smart Funnels Lead Generation Program Overview


Now Let’s Look at what you get with Smart Funnels and how your website can benefit through this funnel program.


The Smart Funnels is an interactive funnel program for authorizing buyer for lead creation, compensations and sales with power of interactive surveys and tests.

Inside cloud-based application, you’ll be able to create test only within seconds.

After customers experience, the preliminary test channel, you’re in total control of anything that happens after. Visitors would be able to visit, opt in the list before or after viewing outcomes, or send “Money pages”.


“Money page” also helps products and services through free items, surface buttons, rebates and promotional codes, Google monetization, present advertising, along with other means for income generation.


Benefits of Features


  • The program is totally recruit welcoming
  • Online hosting
  • Has interactive polls and puzzles for user engagement
  • Design trouble-free Lead Funnels within a minute
  • Form �Money Pages’ for production of instant revenue and income
  • A “Money Pages” diversity builds from delightful templates
  • You can sell services and products in a single click
  • You can Put video clips with images in the quizzes
  • Capture email addresses before you present effects
  • Reroute page instantly as the outcome has been shown
  • Three actions rookie bullet testimony method
  • Market the products with publicizing the associate offers
  • Expose advertisement on cash pages
  • Use loan pages for providing free present products
  • Voucher codes and deal discounts
  • Single-click social sharing with viral free traffic
  • No requirement of monthly or yearly costs


Best Smart Funnels Bonus


Conventional squeeze pages are fine for generating leads but these aren’t shared much in social media compared to quiz styled pages.

These capture about 25 to 35% of the leads and are shared on social media.


All you have to do is just form “ethically copy” another successful quiz in the niche and then place this somewhere on the website or simply share on the social media.


Let’s get into detail!

Let’s suppose you own a website about coffee. You have created the quiz, for example, “how much do you know about coffee?”

Coffee lovers will find your site and would take 5 or 10 question quiz.

At end, these are asked to opt the email list for finding out the outcomes” and around 20 to 35% of these would opt.

Then they’ll be asked for sharing quiz in social media and a most will do.

This in turn will generate higher traffic for the quiz.

In this way, you get a lot of traffic and also grow list.

Let’s Compare Both the Programs with Their Benefits and Disadvantages


Click Funnels – Pros and Cons



  • Users get a simple to create funnel workflow
  • Flexible and allowed convenient revisions and edits on a website
  • Integrates with payment interface and emails
  • Customized templates available
  • Free-trail
  • Survey options, Facebook comments, pricing table, HTML, countdown timers, video unlocker, FAQ blocks
  • 2-tier affiliate programs for catering all marketer requirements


  • So far, we haven’t found any cons to this funnel program.

Smart Funnels – Pros and Cons


  • Has a specialized form
  • Easy to understand website builder
  • Simple to use
  • Cloud based
  • Friendly for new users
  • Convenient and unusual method



  • Expensive compared to other funnel programs
  • Limited visitors and funnel pages with standard plan


Conclusion to – Click Funnels Vs Smart Funnels – Which Funnel Builder is Better for 2020?

Based on all the features along with benefits and disadvantages to each program, users can settle for a program that suits best with their requirements.

We can say that Click funnels has been the funnel program of choice for most website to have great landing pages and while this might be the pricier and technical one among both, it still packs a lot of incredible features that other programs won’t offer.

So, what should the user choose between Click Funnels vs Smart Funnels would also depend on the website that the user is about to market.

Both these programs perform well in different aspects and online marketers can substantially benefit from these.

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