Click Funnels #1 – The WHAT-WHY-How and WHEN

Click Funnels #1 – The WHAT-WHY-How and WHEN

Great! Here we will go through Click Funnels #1 – The WHAT-WHY-How and WHEN and get all your questions answered.

So you have taken a look into click funnels, i assume that you have become interested to find out MORE?

Whats Click Funnels?

Click Funnels #1 - The WHAT-WHY-How and WHEN

Click funnels is an alternative to a website.

They are both  used to get information to the customer about a product, whiles with a website, its read like reading a new paper.

A funnel crestes a sequence of events to go through –Funnel lay out

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Intent
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase


With a funnel, the person visiting will be directed through a funnel with individual steps to help them make a decision.

The click funnels program is a simple platform for anyone who is completely new to computer or building a website.

It is the most user friendly option to be able to start a presence online.

Click Funnels is not only designed for the beginner, the amount of options inside of click funnels is mind boggling!

But with each features there is training.

Also with click funnels growing very fast as the upgrade to a website there are a number of groups of social media platform to help you out when you get stuck with a problem.



How Click Funnels Work

Any internet Marketer who wants o promote or sell products online will find that they need to use a funnel.

To be able to get your product or services noticed, then internet is the best way.


Click funnels enables the user to be able to create a sales funnel from scratch to target their product to a customer in the best way.

It is not an easy task, selling your product properly on the internet.

Click funnels and how it works

You could have a good amount of traffic going to your funnel or website.

However you need to build trust with the customer to help them decide to buy your service or product.

With a funnel you can build up trust with the customer in forms of subscriptions and memberships which are also simply added to the funnel sequence.

By adding a customers email to a list you can keep in contact with them with special offers or free promotions you off in the future.

A well designed funnel can help you attract more traffic to your offer and in turn will increase the rate of conversion therefore boost your sales.

How To Use Click Funnels

As with any software you can just jump in and start to use it straight away.

Its like having a new toy, you just want to try it out.

this you can actually do if you like, I was able to get a funnel up and live the first time i used click funnels, I just trialed and error different features within the funnel builder.

Then after a while a found that with everything a little training can go a long way and started to watch different tutorials on you tube and within click funnels itself.

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Why Use Click Funnels?

I’m not going to list the reasons of why click funnels can benefit your business  – The list will be too long.

Instead i am going to explain the reasons i personally use click funnels for my business.

I was once also looking for the reasons of Click Funnels #1 – The WHAT-WHY-How and WHEN, so decided to write this blog.

I believe and you should too the that funnels is the future for selling online, websites are old and don’t work anymore.

A funnel for me is a better way of getting to the point and solving the customers problem, when also keeping their attention.

There is an added bonus to the click funnels program too, you are able to become an affiliate to click funnels program, with huge bonuses and incentives.

How Much does Click funnels cost?

The cost of click funnels depends on which plan you decide to take.

The 14 day free trial will be plenty of time for you to be able to get right into the funnel making and test it out for yourself.

To sign up to the start up package it will be $97 per month

And to access the full suite and all it features is will beb $297 per month.

click funnels price

There are added bonuses along the way and options to join learning programs if you would like to learn more.

The Over All Conclusion  – Click Funnels #1 – The WHAT-WHY-How and WHEN

So to summarize what we have been through

What? – Funnel Program of the future

Why? – To boost sales conversion within your business

How? – Jump in and start the 14 day free trial

WHEN? – Now, the sooner you start the better




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