Business – What actually is a Business?

Business – What actually is a Business?

Business is a common term that is used as a factor that make the world go round. Well if you look in the dictionary under Business – what actually is Business?

You will find thats its a persons profession, regular occupation or trade.

How Do You See Business?

Many people see business is a number of different ways all over the world.

To one person can mean a business man in a suit walking down wall street with a top had and an umbrella, with a briefcase  in the other hand.

However to someone who see things more simple it can be a 5 year old girl selling lemonade outside her house on a sunny day.

Business - What actually is a Business?

Both people have are business people. I think the word business had be related to money and wealth over time so much so that I have forgot what is actually means.

To have or to own a business is respected in any culture. But having a successful business is another thing complacently.

Being happy in Your Business Day

All through my life I have started every single business with one objective, to make money!

The reason I built the customer base and turned up to actually do the work was because of the money I was paid to do so.

If I wasn’t offered money to work at a property, I wouldn’t show up. There was no point! All I had a business for was the money!

80% of the population do this. The only reason they have a business or work for a business is money. its a business process that has gone on for years.


I See Change ?

Being nearly 40 years old I am part of that same business cycle.

Now working online and building a business with doing things I enjoy. With no financial gain to start with.

Like myself there is a new era of people who choose to take a different path with a business plan and actually enjoy what they do.

I think this idea has come from the millennials. There are people as young as 12 years old starting a business without capitol.

I found a story of a child called JoJo Siwa  this girl had started a youtube channel (for free) and grew her subscriber list to 12.1 million!

Now I have see the videos myself and as a 40 year old bloke, its not very interesting.

But to a huge population of children her age she was a hit!

She montisied her youtube channel, then began to sell merchandise to her fans!

I only know of JoJo Bow because of my niece who owned every singe bow Jojo Bow had ever put out.

Jojo Bow had become a powerful brand, had a huge target audience.

The business that emerged from the young girl was not it main focus to make money, but to entertain. With entertainment through you tube she grew a fan base doing something she loved.

I dare say that JoJo Bow has generated a great deal more with her busienss then I had with my electrical contracting business I did for 20 years!

the iceberg effect


What Can I Start?

When looking to start a business, instead of looking at the money side of a business. Think of it as starting something you enjoy.

For me it is the actual building of a business I get excited by. Through my life I have built business with

  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Vehicle Mechanic

Every business I have build has had the money it could generate at the top of the list. I looked to generate as much money as possible.

Now I am building a affiliate marketing  business with a completely different approach.  I am not looking to generate money first, I am looking to build the business reputation on what it can actually do for people and the customers.

Learning from a the younger generation who have successfully managed to build a business with the power of the internet.

Business Are Needed At The Moment

With the current climate of whats going on it the world in 2021. Many people are turning to the internet as a way to generate an income.

Established businesses are looking to build a presence online in order to keep going.

Using the power of the internet it can be the only way to stop the business being closed.

If a small business has a high street shop, where they have been open for 20 years. Every day that shop has opened its doors to customers who want to purchase the goods.

All of a sudden in 2020 they have been told to shut up shop. It is illegal to trade until further notice.

Its becomes a turning point – Sink or Swim!

You are forced to make a decision. Absorb the loss and use their saving to ride out the storm or adapt to another business plan.

This is where it seperate the men from the boys. It will be entering  a new business model in the online world.

This Is Where Driver Funnel Comes In

Driver Funnel helps people get started online, with websites, sales funnels and email autoresponders.

I use the knowledge I have learnt in order to get a business out there on the internet.

You may think it is a simple task of building a website and the customers will come – Unfortunately thats a myth.

If nobody knows your there, they are not going to look for you in the first place.


Business Development vs Sales

Its all well and good developing your business online, but to generate sales is another thing.

Figuring out your target audience and be able to show the target audience what your business had to offer can be the tricky part.

With all the tasks you have to deal with, there is another solution.

Investing in your business to get other people to help you get online.

You can –

  • Hire a website designer
  • Get a VA to manage social media
  • A photographer
  • etc……..

Then to advertise the business you are able to use an affiliate marketer.

An affiliate marketer will use the skills they have learnt to get a business noticed by the right people.

They will determine your target audience and run ads to generate customers to your business.

Customers is what make sales and sales is what keeps the business alive.


So leading back to Business – Whats actually is a Business? It is a constant eveloution of the world we live in today.

Myself I began to learn a lot about business from reading. I do not have a business degree. I find the more I read the more I learn.

The one book that helped was called the iceberg effect. The book details the struggle of 1 man building a business and bring in debt to over 60k. 

How did he get out of debt? Read the book ?The Iceberg Effect


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