Building A Brand – Making Your Business #1

Building A Brand – Making Your Business #1

Building A Brand – Making Your Business #1

When I say fizzy drinkĀ  – you think Coke Cola

What about search engine – Google

One More bar of chocolate – Dairy milk

All these are products, Brand names. These companies have concentrated on building a brand – Making their business number 1.

The Effect Of A Powerful Brand

You more than likely go through life, not really noticing the amount of work a company has done in order to build their brand so big.

The common term “Google it” is used every day by millions of people all over the world. If you think about it google is just a search engine – there are lots of alternatives

  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • DuckDuck Go
  • The list goes on……….

Building A Brand - Making Your Business #1

But we don’t use these search engines as much because of the build brand awareness that google has managed to build over time.

Why Build Brand Awareness?

As you can relate to the brand awareness that google has built, its the go to place for their market. They control that market and everyone optermises their website in order to get noticed.

The more popular your brand is the more successful your business will become. Having a strong brand keeps your business in peoples minds as the go to company for a solution to a problem.

Which all helps towards Building A Brand – Making Your Business #1.

You know there are many alternatives out there on the market. But because of past experiences with that brand you will almost always result in going back to what to know.

This is what I’m aiming to do with my brand Driver Funnel. I want to be the go to website for people wanting to drive traffic using sales funnels.


A Personal Brand to a Brand

You may think that is it better to build yourself as a brand rather than building a brand for your business.

Let me ask you this –

  • Do you know a guy called Coke Cola?
  • Who is Google?
  • Does Nike live on your street?

Personal Brand

The answer to the questions is NO. Your personal brand doesn’t have to be popular, its the brand name of your business thats needs to get the attention.

By all means promote your brand whenever you feel possible, but people don’t join Mark Zuckerberg. They join facebook.

Phil Knight doesn’t sell trainers. Its Nike that sell the trainers.

Look at this as an advantage, because when know how build a brand you learn how to build a brand strategy.

This will enable you to be able to build a brand in 30 days.

A brand is the reason why many people make a decision. It can have nothing to do with sales.

Yet many people concentrate on sales rather than building a brand.

In reality if Nike bought out a new design with a picture of a motocross bike on them, you can be pretty sure that people interested in motocross will want to buy that shoe.

It will be more expensive than the plain shoes yet exactly the same design, and people would be happy to pay.

WHY? – Nike have built a powerful brand.


Advantages Of A Brand vs Personal Brand

There can be some advantages of having a brand rather than a personal brand.

Some of your target customers wont actually like you. If your business is able to serve the whole wide world, there are going to be people who think your an idiot.

They wont hold back on telling you either. I have had voice messages on facebook of people going out there way to explain to me why they dont like me.

But thats ok, because they have taken the time to contact me and let me know. In a way I have made an impression on that person enough to send that message.

Another advantage to having a Brand vs a personal brand is when the business expands and becomes an asset.

If the brand is you then its not able to be sold. However in the brand is a business with an amazing reputation then its value is in the brand.

This give you more options in the future of your business.


How To Build A Brand Online

The fastest and best way to build your brand is to give value to you target audience.

If your a cooking company then provide amazing recipes for people to try. Not only will that customer be impressed with the value they get from the recipe, they will return for more.

Its human nature for when you get something for free we look to give something back. It could be sharing that content they got for free or an actual purchase of a product.

The more value a customer get from you brand the more likely they are to come back.

Sometimes it is led to believe that you need to optimise your content and business online for SEO (search engine optimisation)

However this is not the most important factor. The end goal for any business is the customer. If you don’t have customers interested in buying you product then you don’t have business.

So whats the point of being at the top of google?

The content which you create online has to be amazing to your target audience. It has to be something thats going to make you stand out from the rest.

If your business is selling sunglasses, give away a free hat. That hat can be branded with your logo.

This way the customer wins because they have a free gift (everyone loves free) and you get free promotion for your business.


Damaged Brands

Hey! We are human, we make mistakes. If we have a great brand and its doing well but we make a mistake.

A mistake that damages that brand so much its name is mud!

  • – Everything can be fixed –

If you have put in so much effort to build a brand and something happens. Don’t ever think you can just build a new brand.

You may be able to fake it for a little while and come across with the illusion that you car completely new. Your on the internet! If someone decides to dig deep enough then you will be found out.

Take the brand Volkswagen. Volkswagen in 2015 were involved in a huge scandal. They could of folded the company and started something new.

They didn’t, they looked after their customers and paid for their mistake. This was an amazing move. Not only has it saved the brand name but rebuilt Volkswagen reputation.


How long Will It Take To Build A Brand?

I could give you a quick and simple answer to this right away, but then you wouldnt understand why.

To build a brand it takes hard work. Its takes effort and a lot of prescience online to be reconsidered.

With the Driver Funnel Brand

Each platform that my content is on reaches a different audience. My business concentrates on helping people quit their 9 to 5 jobs and build a business online to give them a better future.

Why? Because thatsĀ  my target audience, that was me 3 years ago. Would I turn someone away who wasn’t in my target audience?

Not at all.

I am forever learning and evolving in the affiliate marketing industry and belive I can help everyone who wants to learn.

From the 12 year old child who wants to sell tie die t shirts


The person who has had enough of working for a boss for 30 years.

Affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone. But its for any age! Its for people who want to do better, who want a better life.

If your looking for quick cash – The best option is to actually get a job.

So how long does it take to build your brand?

How long is a piece of string? However long you cut it!

The conclusion to this blog it that Building A Brand – Making Your Business #1 is probably the most important factor to your business.
So concentrate on giving value to your target audience and they will help it grow with you.

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