Being Successful With Clickfunnels 2020?

How are people becoming successful with clickfunnels


You must of heard of clickfunnels by now, otherwise how did you end up here? Also How are Being Successful With Clickfunnels 2020?

Clickfunnels is taking the world by storm with the most popular funnels building software on the market.

Not just because of how easy it is to create and build a funnel, but how clickfunnels offer a number of great training opportunities.

The number one for me is the One Funnel Away Challenge. The OFA as click funnels called it is a beginners course for every lever of entrepreneur looking to build a business online.

Or looking to advance their existing business.

The 30 day challenge was a great way for me to learn how marketing works and as with most courses there was an upgrade.

Funnel Hacking Live in the USA.

Living in the UK and the flights being all grounded I wasn’t able to get to the USA so I looked across the internet for other opportunities.

The Iceberg Effect

This is where it all began. I saw a guy called Dean Holland who is from the UK and he had wrote a book called the iceberg effect.The Iceberg effect

Being Successful With Clickfunnels in 2020 and starting his own business years ago.

His forward was written by none other than Russell Brunson who is the co founder of clickfunnels and was one of the mentors with the one funnel away challenge.

Now I have a huge amount of respect for Russel Brunson and what he has achieved throughout his career, so for him to recommend this book – I had to take a look.

The book was FREE, all i had to do was cover the postage of around $8, so a bargain!

Then i was offered the audio book for free – well that was me listening to it straight away.

You Can Get Your Very Own Copy Of The Book Here

Straight Talking Guy 

Dean Holland explains in his book all his struggles of where he came from to where he is today.

What was refreshing was that he had worked really hard and made plenty of mistakes too, but never gave up.

Being Successful With Clickfunnels 2020?

He isn’t one of these people who tell you that you can post a link and make $1000 dollars over night.

Its HARD work and the learning the industry inside out that got him where he is today.

I could relate to that, as I am a hard worker but just didn’t know enough about the industry i wanted to be in.

What is Internet Profits?

Needless to say Dean Holland had a program to join, Not just to promote the iceberg effect book, but high ticket options.

Where i had been putting in a huge amount of work to promote a small course for someone, where I got a one time commision.

Dean course had so much more. To be fair he doesn’t tell you the half of it in the sales pitch!

I enrolled – I wanted to work with Dean and his team to learn the knowledge they had gathered not only from Russell Brunson but from experience of internet marketing over the years.

Different From The Rest

I has to have a personal call with one of Deans team, I think to check that i was a good fit for the program and not going to spam his links everywhere and damage his reputation.

That went great, the 2 people i spoke to didn’t use any sales techniques to my knowledge, no pushing for me to buy and not time limit for the offer to run out.

I even said i would have a think the first call and wasn’t pushed into buying anything.

This went a long way in my book.

Very polite salesmen who even went off the subject at some points to talk about the weather in the UK.

I Had Nothing To Lose

I signed up, very eager to start promoting the internet profits program.


I had to be certified first!


Its not like other programs where they give you a link and say go promote, you have to be able to get certified.

I can only assume that Internet Profits and the team value their brand and do whatever they can to protect it.

Internet Profits Certification

The certification included 8 lessons and 33 videos of how to get set up and promote properly.

SPAMMING is forbidden! You are told if that what your here to do your OUT!

The lessons go into fine detail with funnels, websites, blogs and many more.

It is suitable for a complete beginner and advanced, as I learnt a few new things too.

Getting Certified

I wouldn’t say the training was intense, but was well worth doing to learn that Internet Profits would like to promote their business. 

I got certified and was even given a free gift sent to me in the mail.

A whole new part of the program opened up for me, I could add myself to a facebook community. 

There you will be among other people in your position, going through the same training as you and asking questions along the way.

I wasn’t sure what to expect after getting certified and being able to promote the links.

After entering and seeing everything i was able to use!!! it was great!

The training hasn’t even began really. However you are looking to build your intent business the is training for it

YouTube     You tube       ✅

Facebook    Facebook      ✅

Instagram   Instagram     ✅

You name it Internet Profits has training to go with it.

To me its like you have everything in one place, taught by the same team where it a str by step tutorial. 

There is everything you will ever need in regards to banners, email swipes, images etc………

Being Successful With Clickfunnels 2020?

Internet Profits ia growing

With the training it is all teaching you how to build a business online which will eventually grow.

They are not teaching you how to make a quick buck and go spend it on a fancy car or holiday.

Your success is also their success, so the better you do – The better for internet Profits.

I am one of many members within the Internet profits program, but i’m pretty sure it will soon be growing.

Conclusion – How are people becoming successful with clickfunnels 2020?

If your looking for somewhere to start or have already started to build an online business.

Then Internet profits will be a great boost your business.

You will have to be accepted into the course and go through the training, Which i’m sure you will fine a massive eye opener compared to some of the free lessons online. 

Internet Profits is the beginning middle and end of building a business online. There are new training being added all the time and new techniques. 

  • If you would like to build a business
  • You would like to succeed
  • Like to earn great commission

Try the program here –


If you would like to know more about Dean Holland then i recommend reading his book here – 


As you can imagine Dean Holland is only 1 of the people Being Successful With Clickfunnels 2020.

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