6 Steps To Growing Your Social Media Profile

6 Steps To Growing Your Social Media Profile

Building a business online isn’t an easy task. There are so many things to do and plenty of things NOT to do. I have created 6 Steps To Growing Your Social Media Profile in 2021.

This will help you grow your brand online and fill your profile with customers not tyre kickers.

6 Steps To Growing Your Social Media Profile


#1 Strategy

It is always good to have a plan of action. A plan to how you will deal with a customer you come into contact with.

Have a plan in mind before you talk to a customer of where you are planning to direct the to, What offer?

When reaching out to a potential customer make sure you take a look at their profile. You are looking to see if there may be a possibility that they could need your help.

If I was to contact a very successful affiliate marketer – They would have no need for training.

After making contact, don’t just ad them to your network. Make it personal to stand out from the rest and send a message to go with the request.

Then within the conversation if you feel that your product could help make them an offer. Not everyone will be a good fit.

Within your profile, your posts need to be able to capture a customers attention. Something relevant to your business.

Hook, Story and Offer

The other day I saw a video of someone smashing up an I phone, when he was done he stood up and said “that was only to get your attention” then continued a pitch for gym membership.

Now that hook for my attention was brilliant, but not really relevant to what he was selling.

The average engagement on a post is 0.1%. Yes that little! So in order to stand out and grab a customers attention you need a great hook.

Once the customers attention is one your post, have it clear where you are going to take them.

If the post is in relation to website traffic. Then what that customer may need help with is traffic, so have information or an offer to back it up.

When looking for clients on social media, these clients are not looking to buy. They are looking to make friends and that’s what your main objective should be.

If you go straight into a pitch for a product the relationship is ruined. 

You may have heard the Know, Like and trust factor. This has never been more important than it is on social media.

If a person doesn’t like you they are not likely to buy anything from you,

Engage with the customer. It used to be 5 engagements and the know like and trust will be established. But these days online it is more like 23 times to gain a customers trust.

Imagine seeing someones posts and they all had a sales pitch, you are more likely to ignore that person if you see another one of their posts.

Ways to Ad Value

There are 3 ways in witch you can ad value in your posts –

  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Inspiration

The online world is moving so fast and growing rapidly over time. A person attention span is currently 7 seconds.

7 seconds to grab their attention and make an impression.

Being prepared is critical for any business. Staying focused on what your business is trying to do and the direction it is heading.

Being Unfocused

  • You are Reactive
  • Not in Control
  • Unsure about the Future
  • With No Breathing Room
  • Flustered which leads to 2nd guessing
  • Just Surviving
  • Then Procrastinating.

Now a focused person will go a lot further, a lot faster.

Being Focused

  • Help you be proactive
  • Always in Control
  • Have a Long Term Vision
  • Stay Relaxed and Calm
  • Makes you Confident and quick to make decisions
  • Thrive
  • Eger to take action!

What sort of person would rather be? 

#2 Attention

I remember when I was younger three was a pink house. We passed this house on a every car journey to my grandparents.

We would always look out for that specific house. It wasn’t a fantastic house. It was in a row or around 7 houses. But it was pink – it stood out to me and my family and garbed our attention.

This is what your posts on social media need to do. STAND OUT from all the rest.

The expectations of a customer these days is much higher then it used to be. With so many options out there on the market you need to make a lasting impression and build a relationship with them.

When your post on social media has comments, make sure to do a personal reply to every single one of them. These are your followers/customers who will help grow your business over time.

#3 Influence

Weather you are creating an brand around entertainment, information or education. You need to target your friends and connections.

If a person looks at your connections to see who you are friends with and sees that its lots of different people in different markets. Its not going to appeal to them to also connect with you.

However if your connections are full of people in the same market then they will want to also be friends with you because of FOMO. (Fear of Missing Out)

FOMO is probably one of the most powerful marketing techniques there is. People hate to think they are going to miss out.

I went to a festival once, I came out of the toilet and couldn’t see my girlfriend who I went with. We planned to meet at the same place we entered the area.

In the end I had to give her a call. I found out she had wondered off to stand in a cue. What was the cue for? She didn’t even know! The cue was huge and she had just joined it to not miss out.

It could have been for shaving your head as far as she knew!

Its turns out it was a raffle for a digital radio – and she WON! So the FOMO worked out for her that time.

In a social environment people don’t want to be sold to, but they want to buy things.

The way to master social media marketing is to let the customers come to you. Build the relationship with them and when they need help they will reach out.


#4 Context on Social Media

On any social media platform, people want to be friends with person. You can put all the fancy cars, groovy music  flash money around all you like. Its not going to attract the right audience.

People find value in what your saying or doing. If they can relate to a problem that you have the solution for then it going to benefit them to reach out to you.

The one thing for sure – people are only interested in whats in it for them 

I was experimenting once and went live on facebook. I made a big deal about going live every day for 30 days and help people to build a business online.

And I did – everyday at 5pm I went live and taught about affiliate marketing.

Then just stopped. I didn’t show up for the next 7 days. But still did posts on my newsfeed.

Either nobody cared or nobody noticed.

This proved that people dont care about what you are doing, they only notice if you an help them with something.

Or that with the 7 days of going live my reach to my audience was not getting in front of the right people.

Each post you put out on social media doesn’t necessary get shown to everyone of your connections. This is why I find it a good idea sometimes to use the same post again.

You may want to change the copy or the picture but the subject of the post can be the same. It will be shown to plenty of new connections in your social media account.

With how busy peoples news feeds can be repetition can improve your reputation.

#5 Story Telling

Telling a story is how to relate to a persons heart. It will make you seem like a real person.

All your content that you put out on social media doesn’t have to be about business. It can relate to something in your business though.

When telling a story, its a good idea to create a chemical in the brain called Dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical found naturally in the human body. It sends signals to the brain.

It will trigger emotional responses.

Have you ever watched an episode of a program and it makes you wish you could watch next weeks right away?

When telling a story, always leave a curios cliff hanger, making the person reading want to know more.

This also works well when meeting someone for the first time. If you go straight in and begin to tell them about your business – there not going to be interested.

However explaining something that happened in your business will cause curiosity and the person you are speaking to will naturally ask you what they want to know.

A way of growing your social media profile would be to tell sorties that people can relate to. Your struggles and hurdles you have had to overcome in your life. This will help the know, like and trust factor.

#6 Stop Selling

Social media was designed for people to interact with each other. Originally it wasn’t for selling products or services, surprisingly to what its become today.

People want to buy – but don’t want to be sold to 

There is no reason to put a product or a service in front of someone if they have no need for it.

The term everyone likes a surprise is completely false! Everyone likes a nice surprise!

90% of business fail and disappear within 5-10 years. So if you dont work on your business and make it unique to your customers then you be become part of that percentage.

When growing your social media and you have a customer come into your business. You may come across some people who frown upon what your doing. Its natural for a response like this, People don’t like change.

I recall a video store called Blockbuster. They had many stores all over the world where they rented out movies.

Blockbuster didn’t like the idea of streaming from the internet, they thought it wouldn’t catch on and netflix would go away.

Netflix on the other hand knew they were different. They entered a brand new area of the market where they were different. Plenty of people had the same opinion of blockbuster.

How many blockbuster stores have you seen today????


Richard On Growing His Social Media

This is a story about Richard who started a social media account. He went and added everyone and anyone to his profile.

Then people also requested him, so he added them too.

All the friends he added he would also meet up with for a coffee, then post about it on his profile.

The engagement on Richards profile was great with all the friends he met up for coffee and tagged them in a post, but he wanted more likes – more engagement.

So he found a solution. An engagement pod. Engagement pods hack the algorithm. Each person in the pod likes your posts and in return you like their posts too.

Now his posts were getting 100 likes and 50 comments every time he posted!

Richard is very pleased with everyone liking his posts and commenting, he looked super popular.

So whats the problem with that when growing your social media?

When Richard filled his profile with friends, they were just random people. When he did a post linking to a product there were 100 likes and 50 comments but no one actually wanted his product.

They were just people, NOT his target audience.

His news feed was full of things that he wasn’t interested in due to the interests of his friends on his profile.

Richard social media account was full of people who were doing the same as he was. So he assumed this was what to do to grow a business online.

And because he had invested so much time into building up the friends and engagement on his profile, he was reluctant to admit it wasn’t working.

If you are spending a lot of time on social media and not making and money – your wasting your time.

Social media creates conversations

Conversations create relationships 

A relationship is what drives a business


Don’t be a Dick When Growing Your Social Media

Richard was concentrating on the wrong thing from the start. Take time to fill your profile with people who will become customers or support you in your business.

All the hard work will pay off in the future and you wont be part of the 90%.

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