5 Successful Companies Currently Using ClickFunnels.

5 Successful Companies Currently Using ClickFunnels

Here is a list of 5 Successful Companies Currently Using ClickFunnels to promote the products or services to their customers.

There are sales funnels and then there are SALES FUNNELS which can convince the customer to commit to buy almost every the time.

Sales funnels come in the form of a journey which a customer takes within a sequence until they decide to purchase an item or service.

Internet marketers use landing pages where the funnels begins to convince the customer to make a purchase.

However it is not compulsory to use a webpage, you can create a landing page within the sales funnel.

Each technique  is effective when designed properly.

A company with one product or a course my not need a website, where a company that offer multiple products or services  may use a website to run along site the sales funnels.


Here are 5 Successful Companies Currently Using ClickFunnels and doing very well.


Movie streaming

If you don’t know Netflix, then you must have been living underneath a rock for the past 5 years. Netflix is a major player when it come to streaming movies and box sets – they are the modern day blockbusters.

The subscription based service is billed monthly at a small cost.

Companies Currently Using ClickFunnels 

They use a funnel as the sales page –

  • Lead page
  • Choose a plan
  • Sign up
  • Order Form

The lead page will get you hooked with the 30 day free trial. Its an offer too good to miss out on.

Then after the 30 days you will be billed the subscription fee, Netflix will even send you a reminder 3 days before your service is due to expire.

This is a well designed funnel where the “call to action” button – 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL is clear from the beginning.

The funnel also collects your email from the first step to follow up later on is case you decide not to purchase.

The funnel will also answer frequently asked questions at one click – This would be a good funnel to get ideas from.


Custom Creatives

Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations

The custom creatives company is an online business who will help other companies grow traffic and sales online.

With the landing page you are greeted with a sales video with the option to watch the company’s sales video instead of reading.

Its clear from the start what they offer

  • Design – Design your sales funnels for you
  • Develop – Create your funnel
  • Drive – Drive traffic to you funnel


This company is using a funnel as a landing page and then funnelling the customer to a website to provide a more detailed explanation of the services they offer.




Software Development & Technical

Advertised as the professional community network for people looking for jobs, business partners and business  development.

LinkedIn used funnels as a way of the customer subscribing to the platform.

The funnels will take you through step by step gathering information on you to set up your account.

After the information is collected from a individual then LinkedIn uses this information to target your profile with people to partner link with.

5 Successful Companies Currently Using ClickFunnels

It will also have the location of where you live to be able to show you job opportunity’s within your area, all this infomation is gathered with a funnel.

Fun Fact : If you put your name in the people search on linkedin you can see how many people share your name

LinkedIn offers and upgrade to its free platform –

  • Career
  • Business
  • Sales
  • Hiring

With each plan there is a free trial for 1 month before you will be billed.


Keri Shull Team

Real Estate

Another one of the 5 Successful Companies Currently Using ClickFunnels is the real estate company called Keri Shull Team.

Here they are also using a website along side a funnel, this would give you some good ideas for your own funnel.

You are presented with 2 options of

  1. Find your home value
  2. Find your dream home

Each funnel will take you through a sequence of questions to be able to funnel you to the right area.

I think in the future a lot of real estate business will see the advantages of a funnel, as it is able to narrow down the customers requirements in order for them to find what they are looking for quicker – hence making it easy.


Roofing Marketing Pros

Business Services

Here we have a company using funnels to help improve other company’s. We all could do with  little help sometimes.

Roofing marketing pros are a company who will optimise your existing or new business to generate more leads.

The landing page will require you to enter your name and email then onto the gathering information of your business.

The landing page also has a pop up to remind the customer of the benefits of what the roofing marketing pros can do for you.

5 Successful Companies Currently Using ClickFunnels 

On offer is a digital marketing checklist which is delivered via email.

The information gathered leads up to a phone call where you will get to personal speak to the company and that’s where they can get you to sign up.

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From the 5 Successful Companies Currently Using ClickFunnels there is something they all have in common.

They are all offering something for free, weather its a free pdf or a free trial.

All companies are successful in using Click funnels program to advance their business.

5 Successful Companies Currently Using ClickFunnels

Start using ClickFunnels Today



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