10 Skills You Need To Learn To Work Online

10 Skills You Need To Learn To Work Online – In Todays Economy


If you have decided to build a business online and become a digital marketer, there are some new skills you could do with learning to help you along the way.


Here I am going to explain 10 skills you could do with learning when building a business online.


Not all these skills are some that you can learn. They are skills that you develop over time.

For example – Commutating with people all over the world.

If you are used to just dealing with people face to face in an offline business, it’s a little more difficult to make good first impressions over the internet.

10 tips


  1. Copywriting

When writing a description of anything in a blog post, landing page, emails or even scripts for videos.

Developing this skill will help you in so many areas of digital marketing.

When creating content and being able to get the point across to you customer, copywriting is a well worth while skill to develop.


  1. SEO – Search engine optimization

Being able to optimize your copy or content to be able to rank higher in search engines online would be a huge benefit to you and your digital marketing business.

Optimizing your content is a good idea to be able to make the content you create evergreen.

This is where a blog post will generate more traffic and leads overtime the higher it ranks in a search engine.

10 Skills You Need To Learn To Work Online

  1. Reading Data

I will use you tube as an example. If you have created 10 videos and 1 of the videos has a lot more views then the others, you can look at the analytics to find out what it was about that specific video that your audience liked.

Then create more content around the same subject to grow your audience.

Knowing how to read the data on a platform can also help with targeting ads too.

This way you will be targeting the correct audience for your content.


  1. User Experience

The best way to know your user experience it to ask the customer.

How many times have you been asked to complete a short survey after purchasing a product, this is to gather data on user experience.

This will help you improve certain aspects of your business to make it a better experience for future customers.


Halfway of the 10 Skills You Need To Learn To Work Online


  1. Google Sheets

Being able to create a simple excel sheet to analyze your data can save you a huge amount of time.

When entering your data to a google sheet, it can be used to help you figure out what content to create and where to publish that content for the best performance.

Some content will perform better on different platforms, knowing this data and entering it into a google sheet will help you read that data clearer and optimize your business for maximum performance.


  1. Communication skills

Commutation is a huge factor when marketing your product to a customer to create desire for your services.

Being able to present your services or offer to a customer in a professional manner will require some good communication skills.

What’s the first thing you do when you meet a new customer? Communicate

This is where you have one chance not only to make a good impression of yourself, but also your business.


  1. Problem Solving

In any business there are always problems you run into along the way. That’s not a big deal if you handle them properly.

Although there is always someone willing to help you solve that problem for a price, some problems you just have to get stuck in a solve yourself.

This may take time, this make take you some research – But look at it like this, you wont have to ask for help next time that same problem comes about.


  1. Get Creative

I was told by a millionaire once – You don’t need your own idea, just take someone else’s and make it better.

I agree with this, however you need to make it your own and personal to you.

Or your just going to have 100s of the same business doing exactly  the same thing – your not going to stick out above the rest.

The most creative minds on the planet are children. They haven’t experienced all the limitations many of us have as an adult.

So go back to your youth and get creative.


  1. Be Teachable

Its hard – Trust me I know. Coming from a background where I was taught to respect my elders and the younger generation knows less then you.

Well the tables are turned sometimes. With people half my age building a hugely successful business online, I have to put the stubbornness behind me and listen.

This also goes for the content you create.

  1. Videos
  2. Podcasts
  3. Posts

If they are rubbish and someone tries to help you by telling you that. Take it on board and keep in in mind going forwards.

Everyone has to learn from the beginning. Constructive criticism can help.


  1. Be able to be self motivated.

Some days – You just cant be asked! When you feel like this it can breed into the next day and before you know it – you haven’t been motivated for over a week.

Learn how to self motivate. Get up early and dance, go to the gym, sing your favorite song…..

Just get your mind and body motivated for the day.


Do it now – Take a deep breath and yell out HELL YEAH.


I hope you smile after that too.

These are my 10 Skills You Need To Learn To Work Online, that I see you need to become a successful digital marketer online today.


The skills I work on every day, one at a time.


I drop a lot of lessons to these skills on my Facebook group.


You can find that at www.breakthechains.uk/listen

I hope to see you there


Until next time

Over and out❤

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