10 Rules that could change your life

10 Rules That Could Change Your Life

I have been looking into things lately because I think I have a touch of anxiety. After some research I came up with 10 Rules that could change your life, that could help everyone else too. 
I have been feeling that I have so much to do and not enough time to do them.
Having given myself goals in life and working towards reaching them as soon as possible.

As soon as possible – That where I have been going wrong.

Everything takes time. If you put too much pressure on yourself, it effects your whole day.

So I have come up with 10 Rules that could change your life I’m going to live by.
And also share them with you.

1. Get a watch and use it. Its always better to be early than it is late.

I have turned up to things late before and been rushed through. But when your early you can have so much more time and feel a lot more relaxed when something gets in your way.

Take driving somewhere for example –
You speed to get there on time, get frustrated being stuck in traffic then it comes back and hits you even harder a week later when you get a speeding fine in the post.

If You leave the little bit earlier – all this wouldn’t have happened.
You feel a lot more relaxed too – try it out.


2. Make yourself motivated to be motivated

How many time have you thought, I want to go for a run but don’t feel like it right now.

So say your going to do it later – Then later never comes.

I have done that so many times in the past with things I want to get done.

  • File my taxes
  • Go for a run

Even booking the car in the garage, then it gets to the point where it breaks and I could of got it fixed ages ago.

You have to make a start to get the ball rolling to be motivated. Once that natural motivation kicks in it will run on auto.

One small step with turn into another, then before you know it your running to the finish line.

A little tip – To get yourself motivated put on one of your favorite songs and dance around singing like no ones watching. Sounds stupid I know – but again give it a go and see how you feel.
Foo fighters is a go to track for me, any of them get me dancing.


3. Stop worrying about things that don’t matter.

We all worry about the smallest things all the time.

  • Will I be late for work if there is traffic?
  • Is it going to rain if I go running?
  • Am I going to remember to watch Love island tonight so I can talk about it the next day?

If something that worrying you isn’t going to matter in 5 year – Don’t spend 5 minutes worrying about it.

Begin to let go of things that worry you that are not important. There are not many things that will matter in 5 years.
Even for the things that will matter in 5 years – is worrying helping?
Probably NOT.


4. Never go to bed in a mood!

You may have heard this one 1000 times before, but its so important for your relationship with others.

I have gone to bed angry or in a mood in the past – only to find I cant sleep. But I’m too stubborn to do anything about it, so wake up the next day even more moody.

Going to bed angry you allow the anger to build up and become something bigger then it actually is.

I’m not sure if this is a scientific fact, but my girlfriend has woken up in the morning after a fight and had a dream I was with someone else.
Then started to question me on it!!!

So, at all costs, do not get into bed angry or in a mood. Try to settle the argument or come to an understanding that you will get things sorted another time – not just now, its bedtime.


5. Get straight to the point.

When writing an email or even sending a text. Don’t string it out, get straight to the point.
Lazy people talk around a subject so much, that to actually get the point of the email, you need to read it twice.

I have don’t this before when selling something. I talk around how good it is and what it can actually do. If you have to convince a buyer they want something – its not really for them.

The 30 mins you talked around it, you could have sold the same thing 10 x over the other people.


6. Laugh at yourself.

When you get older you find that some people have a dry sense of humor. They make a comment and you’re unsure whether its and insult or a compliment.

If you just take it with a pinch of salt and laugh along with it.

Then it will go away a lot quicker.

10 Rules that could change your life

When someone attempts to insult you or tries to make fun of you – Own it and just go along with whatever there saying.
This will diffuse the insult instantly.

When people see the top of my head – my hair is thinning. So they have to make a comment:
your hair is thin in places Ben” They say
I am, it keeps my head cool, you should try it out. That’s my response.

I’m not sure if they meant to offend me, but if someone had thin hair or a bald patch on there body, I’m pretty sure they know about it.

Laugh along with them at yourself – it wont matter 30 seconds later.


7. Give yourself Time – 10 Rules That Could Change Your Life Takes Time 

If you have goals in your life and you plan to reach then, give yourself time to get there.
When I wanted to be an electrician…..

  • Yes I wanted to get good money
  • Yes I wanted to run my own business

This all took time. Time that I needed to gain the experience to be a good electrician.

Often, we need things to work quickly through fear or failure!
If it doesn’t work in a week – we give up.

People told me it was too hard and a bad idea – so you quit or even don’t even try.

Give yourself 3 years, it took me 4 years to qualify to be an electrician, I was a really good one too.
I did it every day for 4 years – so if you want to be good at something – give it time.

Shortcuts to success almost always ends in tears.

8. Take responsibility for everything you do.

I often come up with an excuse when things go wrong.
Blame someone or something else, to take the blame away from me.

When your late, you blame the traffic or the area for not being able to find a parking space.

If you don’t get your daily tasks done in your business, you may blame the you tube algorithm for making you binge watch videos.

What if you looked at everything that happens as your fault, it happened because of something you did.

Wouldn’t this make you think twice about getting that task done?

9. Skips something once – Don’t skip it twice

Some days you just don’t feel like going for that run, and that’s ok.

You can skip a day of workout every now and again – but don’t let it become a habit.

Never skip a workout 2 days in a row.

This rule was created by Matt D’Avella from you tube, and it helped so many people who live by it.

The same 2 day rule can be applied to any habit you’re looking to develop.

It can stop you falling into a slump, one that lasts for days or even weeks.

10. Look for the best in people.

Nobody knows what’s really going on in your head, so if you think about it…
You haven’t got a clue what’s really going on in other peoples head too.

A friend may have ignored your message because they are in the hospital.

Somebody may have been rude to you because someone was rude to them.
Always look for the best in a person, not only will this make you feel better, but it will be contagious and make them feel better too.

If you get cut up by someone driving, don’t let them being a dick effect the rest of your day.

10 tips


These are 10 Rules That Could Change Your Life that I try to live by in my life.
Give them a go or share this to someone who may need this right now.

Or let me know of any rules you have in your live that I think I should as to the list.

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Until next time x

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