Break the Chains to Your 9 to 5

Welcome to Break The Chains of Your 9 to 5. It All Starts here.


Break The Chains Of Your 9 to 5


Welcome – You found me ?

I don’t know if you were looking or you just came across this page by destiny. 

Your here for a reason right? 


For the past 20 years or more I worked as an electrician. 

I was a successful electrician too, with plenty of work and earning some good money in the region of 50k a year. 


But its not all about the money any more. I wasn’t happy with how my life was going. 

As I go into more detail in the Break The Chains Podcast

Working for yourself and running a business as a trades person is hard and requires a lot of your time. 

With keeping a constant flow of work, then if it takes off in a big way you have employees which also ads to the responsibility. 


Its down to you to be able to keep all the people you employ in work too with invoicing, quotes and keeping accounts. 


This caused stress in my life where I didn’t have time to enjoy everything else around me. I was Ben the electrician. 


That’s all I was. 


It Was Time For a Change


I have found out over the past 5 years that all the people who are wealthy and DONT work in a 9 to 5 job – They are just like me and you.

They have just found another way to make a living.

Lets go back to the Beginning……..

I first set my targets on finding it all out for myself, with watching you tube videos and implementing what was taught. 

Not really spending a penny may I ad, but still investing a huge amount of time! 

I have documented a lot of what I did here – 

Podcast             You Tube


As I learnt more and more and evolved within the Affiliate Marketing world I began to ask myself.

How do other people make it possible to break the chains to their 9 to 5 job and build a career online? 

At this time I was 4 seasons in with the podcast. 

So to take it to the next level I decided to not only ask other online marketers, but to actually interview them in order to help other people learn from them too. 

So I got to Work on building Break The Chains Podcast 



I have currently interviewed 40 Affiliate Marketers from all over the world ?

I can tell you that I have honestly learnt so much from each guest that as been on. 

The amazing thing is ………………..

The guests who have come on also become great friends.

The break the chains to your 9 to 5 podcast has helped them and their business too. 


The question is – are you going to let Affiliate Marketing help YOU?

See for yourself here




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